SAFE TO USE 8.0/10





  • Works on multiple menopause symptoms
  • Has an estrogen-free formula


  • Doesn’t contain well-known menopause relief extracts such as Black Cohosh or Dong Quai
  • Ingredient amounts aren’t shown individually
  • It has received some negative reviews on Amazon

If you’re interested in learning all about this menopause symptom relief supplement, read our full review below where we go into more detail about the product.

Amberen Review: What will we be covering?

Our in-depth Amberen review will look at the following:

  • Active ingredients
  • Manufacturer details
  • Alternative products
  • Potential side effects

We will also tell you about any other details that we feel consumers need to be aware of before deciding to purchase this particular supplement.

The manufacturer of Amberen is Biogix, Inc., who in their ‘About Us’ section on the official website, describes themselves as a ‘science-driven company’. Amberen seems to be their most well-known product, and they produce two different formulas – one for women in menopause and the other for those in the perimenopausal stage.

The Amberen website is very detailed and professional in appearance, and the company makes it easy for consumers to contact them, providing a customer care phone number and email form.

Let’s take a closer look at the Amberen formula to see if it can really reduce multiple menopause symptoms as it is claimed to.

Amberen Ingredients List: What’s in here?

Amberen capsules contain:

  • Amberen proprietary compound 400mg
  • Comprised of: Ammonium Succinate, Calcium Disuccinate, Monosodium L-Glutamate, Glycine, Magnesium Disuccinate, Zinc Difumarate, Tocopherol Acetate

The Amberen formula differs quite significantly from many menopause relief supplements as it doesn’t contain any of the more well-known extracts, such as Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Soy Isoflavones, or Red Clover.

However, according to the manufacturer, the formula is backed by over 45 years of research and has undergone extensive clinical testing, so let’s look at some of the active ingredients in more detail:

Epimedium – 200 mg –You’ll usually find this ingredient, which is also known as Horny Goat Weed, in male enhancement supplements rather than joint pain products, as it has benefits for improving sexual performance. But studies have also shown that it may be effective in increasing bone density and reducing inflammation in the joints while additionally boosting blood flow, another reason it is a popular ingredient in sexual function supplements.
Calcium Disuccinate – The mineral calcium is important for all women of menopausal age and above as they are at more risk of losing bone density, which may result in developing osteoporosis.
Tocopherol Acetate – Also known as vitamin E, this active ingredient provides antioxidant protection against cell-damaging free radicals in the body.
Glycine – This amino acid works to regulate the cell activity in the brain and when used in conjunction with magnesium, may be effective in regulating mood and reducing stress and anxiety.
Magnesium Disuccinate – This mineral offers several benefits, working to promote muscle relaxation, support the health of the heart, and contribute to the production of protein. It has also been shown in several studies to be more effective than a placebo in reducing the severity of hot flashes.
Ammonium Succinate – Reduces free radical activity and is required for a number of different processes in the body, including the production of energy. This antioxidant is often linked to menopause symptom reduction, although there may not be sufficient evidence to support this.

Amberen Ingredient Review: Is it effective for menopause symptom relief?

Although Amberen contains some clinically backed and well-researched key ingredients, as noted above, it is lacking in several extracts that most women would expect to see in a product designed to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and other symptoms associated with menopause.

However, it is known that restoring hormonal balance is vital for menopause symptom reduction, and one of the main actions of the Amberen formula is to support the area of the brain responsible for this action, the hypothalamus. As it does so, over time, estrogen levels begin to increase naturally, thereby resulting in relief from several symptoms.

Is Amberen Good?

Although Amberen is very different from most other types of natural menopause symptom relief supplements, it certainly shouldn’t be seen as snake oil, as this would imply that it had no effect at all when it does.

In addition to having undergone extensive testing, there are positive reviews online – both on the official Amberen website and independent review sites that attest to the product’s benefits.

However, as with any kind of supplement, it won’t work the same for all individuals and would seem to be true of Amberen. According to some of the low-rated reviews on Amazon, the product had no effect at all and, in some cases, caused their menstrual cycle to return.

Amberen Side Effects: Is Amberen safe to use?

There are no reports of major side effects occurring from the use of Amberen, although there are a couple of points that consumers should be aware of.

In addition to the supplement causing an unwelcome return of menstruation for some women, it may produce some issues for anyone with a sensitivity to Monosodium L-Glutamate (MSG), and some Amazon customers were upset to find that the product contains this ingredient, although it is clearly stated on the label, and the Amberen website does make a point of noting that the amount used in their formula is small and safe.

Of course, as with any supplement, we always advise that you talk to your doctor first, especially if you are taking a prescription medication. Additionally, this product should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women and individuals with hypertension.

Amberen Reviews: WebMD Review

Amberen is not reviewed specifically on the WebMD website, but a number of its key active ingredients are mentioned in several different sections. Here’s what WebMD has to say about a few of them:

WebMD on Calcium:
As you would expect with such a popular mineral, WebMD contains extensive information about calcium, including articles on how to know if you’re getting enough, plus calcium-rich recipes. They refer to it as a ‘vital’ mineral that is especially important for women as they get older to help prevent osteoporosis.

WebMD on Tocopherol Acetate (vitamin E):
WebMD states that while many people take vitamin E supplements for antioxidant protection, results from studies looking at its effect on preventing certain diseases such as cancer and diabetes have been ‘disappointing’. According to the site, only individuals who have a vitamin E deficiency, which is rare, should take it in the form of a supplement.

WebMD on Glycine:
The WebMD site states that the amino acid glycine is necessary for the creation of protein and has several important health benefits that include reducing oxidative stress from free radicals, improving brain energy, and in turn cognitive function, and preventing heart attacks.

WebMD on Magnesium:
WebMD has a lot of information on this common mineral, stating that it has many functions, which include regulating blood pressure and keeping the bones strong. Both these benefits are very important to women during and after menopausal age.

While it’s always a good idea to read sites like WebMD to get information on supplement ingredients, it’s also wise to talk to your doctor first, particularly if you have any medical conditions or are taking prescribed medication.

Amberen: Good or Bad?

When you consider the number of positive customer reviews Amberen has received, the clinically backed ingredients, the scientific research, and the overall professionalism of the website, there seems to be no doubt that Amberen is a well-made product that has worked effectively for many women.

However, as we always remind consumers, results will not be the same for everyone, and indeed, there’s a chance that it may not produce any effects at all for some.

Additionally, while Amberen is an all-natural supplement, it may not appeal to women who prefer formulas that use botanical, herbal extracts and disclose all individual ingredient amounts, which is not the case with Amberen.

Amberen Price

Consumers have several options when ordering Amberen, which is available from their official website, Amazon, and several retailers such as Walmart and Walgreens.

When ordering directly from the manufacturer, a one-month supply of Amberen costs $29.99, and a 90-day supply is $89.97.

However, the 90-day supply can be bought either as a one-time order at the full price (reduced to $74.99 at the time of writing) or through the subscription plan for $59.94.

All purchases from the website are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, and the subscription plan can be canceled at any time.

Better Value Alternatives to Amberen

Menoquil, by Pharmaxa Labs, could be a good option for women who still want an effective supplement, but one that works using clinically-proven botanical extracts, in addition to calcium and vitamins D and K.

This doctor-developed supplement has been on the market for many years and appears to have a very loyal following among consumers who love that it has multiple benefits for both the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause.

This means that it not only reduces hot flashes and night sweats quickly but also eases anxiety, relieves stress, and balances the mood too.

Considering the high quality of Menoquil, which is, of course, extensively tested and backed by scientific studies, it is offered at a very reasonable price with deep discounts given for multi-bottle orders – for example, a 5-bottle package of Menoquil is discounted by 45% off the regular price.

Not only that, but shipping is free for all orders over $60, and customers are not required to enroll in a subscription plan to get the discounted prices.

You can find out more about Menoquil by reading our full review below:


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Amberen Supplement FAQ

Our in-depth reviews attempt to cover all important aspects of a supplement, and while we’ve tried to do this with Amberen, we understand consumers may have more questions.

So, in addition to the information found above, here are just a few of the questions that customers often ask before buying this menopause symptom relief product.

Amberen Costco: Are these Menopause Relief Supplements available there?

Amberen can certainly be purchased from Costco online, but individuals would need to check the availability at their local store if they wanted to buy it in person.

Can I make my own Amberen?

Given the specific ingredients, it would present a challenge to recreate the formula, therefore, we wouldn’t advise it. One of the main reasons is that the formula is a proprietary blend, so the individual amount of each ingredient is not known.

The second reason not to make it yourself is that purchasing all the substances may prove very expensive, and, as Amberen is reasonably affordable in the first place, it would probably end up costing much more than the ready-made supplement.

Finally, products of this type are manufactured according to strict government guidelines concerning quality and safety, so there is very little chance that either could be guaranteed if one was to make it at home.

How much does Amberen cost per month?

A one-month supply of Amberen costs $29.99, and a 90-day supply is sold for $89.97. As noted above, price reductions are offered for the 90-day supply when purchased under the subscription plan, and the website also offers a $6.00 off coupon for consumers to use at certain retail stores.

Our Current #1: Menoquil


We literally review thousands of products in our quest to help consumers make informed decisions about their health supplement purchases, including numerous menopause relief brands.

While many of the supplements of this type that we see work on one or two symptoms of menopause, when we reviewed Menoquil, we were impressed by the fact that it addressed multiple symptoms – even some that aren’t common to all menopausal women.

So, in addition to working incredibly effectively on reducing hot flashes and night sweats and bringing relief from the emotional symptoms that many women experience, such as mood swings, Menoquil also addresses low libido, vaginal dryness, and weight gain, all of which can occur at any stage of the transition and are just as distressful.

We were curious to know exactly how one all-natural supplement could work so well on this many symptoms, but as soon as we looked at the list of key ingredients in the formula, we had our answer.

It certainly contains many active substances you’d expect to find in a menopause relief supplement, such as Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, and Soy Isoflavones, but this maximum strength product also harnesses the power of green tea, red clover, chaste berry, and wild yam.

Plus, it has a potent combination of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K, which help keep the bones strong and healthy long after menopause. Furthermore, all ingredient amounts are disclosed on the product label, so consumers can see what they’re getting in every dose, something that not all manufacturers are upfront about.

Of course, safety is a top priority to us when we review a product, and Menoquil didn’t let us down here either – because it is 100% hormone-free and natural, it carries no risk of side effects and can be taken safely throughout all stages, from the first signs of perimenopause, right through to post-menopause. Women have enough to deal with during this time, so having that peace of mind is much appreciated!

To learn more about this results-driven menopause relief product, read our full review:

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