When a man experiences anejaculation symptoms, he should make his diagnosis when visiting the doctor. It is often difficult for a guy and his doctor, among so many similar types of sexual problems, to get the correct diagnosis.

With your diagnosis, you can explain step by step your unique situation. Anejaculation can also be confused with other conditions, for instance, retrograde ejaculation. However, they are not the same thing.

Another reason why it is better to diagnose yourself is that some men experience low volumes of ejaculation known as congenital absence of vas deferens.

These men do ejaculate semen, but the volume is so minute that these men often feel as if they didn’t ejaculate at all. Can you see why diagnosing anejaculation can be confusing for both doctor and patient?

What Is Anejaculation?

Anejaculation is actually quite an uncommon problem. There are lots of myths about it. Being commonly misunderstood therefore, anejaculation treatment might be improperly treated.

With anejaculation, a man does have a normal libido; he gets aroused, and even gets an erection, followed by an orgasm. But no semen spurts out from his erect penis. As soon as he has had an orgasm, he loses his erection.

You get two types of anejaculation; situational anejaculation and total anejaculation. Total anejaculation is divided further by two types of anejaculation – anorgasmic anejaculation and orgasmic anejaculation.

Let’s Look at the Anejaculation Causes

Anejaculation Causes

  • Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs – There are many prescription medications as well as non-prescription medications that can interfere with a man’s sexual function. It is worth it for a man to check with his doctor about an alternative medication.
  • Anxiety and StressAnxiety and stress are psychological problems that can cause havoc on a person’s health, let alone their sexual activities. As mentioned elsewhere, your doctor could prescribe a sexologist or a psychologist to help you deal with sexual issues that could be causing anejaculation.
  • Physical Causes of Anejaculation – Some causes and anejaculation symptoms could be as a result of:

    Injuries to the nervous system, particularly the spinal cord. Diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes, are diseases that have a direct effect on the nervous system

    Traumatic injury or infection to the groin and pelvic area

    Previous surgery in the bladder, prostate, or abdominal area that resulted in nerve damage

    Removal of lymph nodes, for example, in testicular cancer treatment

  • Lifestyle habits – Some recreational drugs that you do not think of as drugs can harm sexual functions. And if you were to change your lifestyle, anejaculation treatment might be avoided.

What are the Types of Anejaculation?

  • Situational anejaculation: This is when a man will ejaculate sometimes, but not all the time. Usually, the cause is stress.
  • Total Anejaculation: This is when a man never ejaculates semen consciously. He can’t ejaculate during masturbation or intercourse or even at home in a relaxed and comfortable situation, or at the clinic.
  • Anorgasmic anejaculation: This is when a man never reaches an orgasm in his awakened state, either from intercourse or masturbation. That means he doesn’t ejaculate either. However, it appears as if emissions at night while asleep are still present. Failure to reach orgasm is often due to psychological inhibitions. Some men will require high levels of stimulation before they reach orgasm, which they do not get during masturbation or intercourse.
  • Orgasmic anejaculation: This is when a man does reach and experience an orgasm but no semen is ejaculated. This could be due to a blockage in his tubes or damage to the nerves. It could also be a result of retrograde ejaculation.

What are the Symptoms of Anejaculation?

Loss of erection
Men who have delayed ejaculation might require many more minutes to pass sexual stimulation before they can have an orgasm and ejaculate.

A symptom of anejaculation is that a man can’t ejaculate at all. This can cause distress and frustration, especially if the sexual activity has to stop because of fatigue, physical irritation, a request from a partner, or loss of erection.

Psychological problems, which could be the result of anejaculation, will need to be discussed with your doctor who will direct you to a sexologist or a psychologist to work the issues with you.

How Is Anejaculation Diagnosed?

Anejaculation causes can be either psychological or organic. It is influenced a lot by relationships and psychological factors. It is diagnosed by the man himself who will schedule a visit to his doctor.

Anejaculation treatment may use a combination of techniques that address the above factors. Sex therapy also might be one of the approaches to manage the specific problems of each patient.

Management and Treatment

  • Men who want to have children. A man with anejaculation might find it difficult for him and his partner to conceive a child[1]. There are ways to trigger ejaculation for this purpose or to retrieve sperm at the doctor’s office.
  • Men who want to restore their ejaculation. The most common treatment for anejaculation is psychological counseling. It will address underlying anejaculation causes, and sexual therapy[2] can be appropriate.

    When anejaculation is caused by an infection, the infection will be treated, which should improve things. Even a change in medication might help. Men need to talk to their doctor to learn more about anejaculation treatment options for their situation.

  • Situational anejaculation. It can be treated by some simple measures. Viagra may be prescribed. But if you battle to get an erection, Viagra could help with easier masturbation.
  • Anorgasmic anejaculation. This condition is more difficult to treat. A sexologist or psychologist determines the anejaculation treatment for posttraumatic sexual episodes.

    In most cases of anejaculation, counseling is not necessary. The main treatment for anorgasmic anejaculation is through the use of a vibrator. Devices like this provide a strong stimulus for a long duration. Due to stimulation, a man will reach orgasm and ejaculate.

    When a vibrator fails, then there is electro-ejaculation, which is always a second choice. It is a procedure that provides electrical stimulation to the seminal vesicles. It occurs under general anesthesia.

    The stimulation increases until the man ejaculates. If the ejaculation volume is low, the bladder gets catheterized so doctors can check for retrograde ejaculation.

  • Orgasmic anejaculation. It is often due to a physical problem, so anejaculation treatment relies on the problem. If the nerves are damaged, there will be medications. If they don’t work, then a vibrator or electro-ejaculation is used to get semen samples.

What are the Risk Factors and Complications?

Medical procedures for anejaculation
Many medical procedures and medications carry with them risks and complications. When it comes to risks and complications around anejaculation, the top priority is always to talk with your doctor because these factors go around each person, their medical issues, medications being taken, and a lot more.

The healthcare provider will put your mind at rest regarding anejaculation symptoms and causes and help you explore the right options.


Yes, failure to ejaculate is a problem to a man, and he follows through to resolve the problem. If you are a male who has this condition, you need not lose heart. There are a variety of therapies available to solve the problem.

When it is situational anejaculation, many men are helped by the simple measures above. Others will resort to the use of a vibrator or the electro-ejaculator.

For cases of fertility treatment, when all else seems to fail, sperm can be retrieved from the testis or the epididymis directly for pregnancy purposes.

Happily, there are several options for anejaculation treatment that will remedy the situation. It will be to either restore normal sexual function or assist in the ability to become a father through assisted reproduction techniques.

There are certainly successful treatments for anejaculation that will leave you crowing again. Can we get a cock-a-doodle-doo for that?