So many people suffer with emotional eating and I wanted to write about how to help yourself with it. Its certainly not uncommon. This post is put in the form of ‘Asking for a friend’.

‘She will need to figure out what it is that is making her feel like this. Yes it’s all the unknown in the world right now and it’s making her feel emotional, plus it might be that she feels she isn’t supported by her loved ones or is getting stressed through home schooling or working from home. She’ll need to figure out what to do by getting out into the woods for a walk or into nature. She’ll feel so much calmer by doing that. Breathing correctly will also help. Here is a video of how to breathe correctly.

But it’s also thinking about how she feels when she eats a certain amount of foods, like when eat a chocolate biscuit, you feel great for about an hour after eating it, but then once your blood sugar levels drop you’ll start to feel tired and sluggish and certainly more ratty. This will then make you snappy etc.

Lunch Together

Try opting for healthier snacks like apple and nut butter, that will still give the sugar craving but will help with the plateau of the sugar levels so you won’t feel bad after an hour. The protein will be a good slow release to.

Also for emotional eating we eat to feel better about ourselves and then we’re gaining weight, which then will make us still feel bad because we don’t like ourselves how we should, so we eat more. This is such a vicious circle.

Exercise can help

Doing some form of exercise is great, even just getting out and going for a walk as this will release your calming hormones the serotonin and decrease the stress hormones, cortisol in our bodies. Also releasing endorphins our happy hormone into our bodies. This in turn will make us feel better so we then start to not comfort eat. After a few weeks we will then be able to see the actual physical changes within our body which in turn will then make us feel better because we can actually physically see the changes. When I first started I was under the impression that I had to do 60 minutes 5 times a week to get anywhere but actually what research has shown is that doing 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times per week is enough for us to feel calmer, more relaxed and happier with ourselves.

Also actually chatting to our friends and talking about our struggles really help. I mean actually picking up a phone and talking, not texting. You will then bounce off each other and make each other feel better. Or talk to your partner. This will really help to and they might be able to help around the house a bit more.

talk to your partner

I am a sucker for doing things on my own but this year I have asked for help, even with simple tasks like getting my husband to sort the children’s breakfast out or getting the children dressed. The more you ask and you are certainly not failing as a mother if you ask, the more stronger you will become and feel so much better. You really don’t have to do it all on your own. Doing less is actually more for your mentality and health. You are not weak if you ask for help. That’s a huge sign of strength.

Know you can get over this. It will take time but you will do it. You will concur this emotional eating.