Introduction to Holiday Workout

Hang in there! We have some fantastic and easy Christmas workouts for you that will so easily fit into your busy Christmas schedule, giving you a great head-start into the New Year.

It’s worth a shot – not of sweet red wine, but the way you will feel and look right through the Christmas season!

You don’t have to have a whole bunch of equipment at home to keep up a very healthy Christmas fitness routine.

One might have thought their options were limited, but you can see that is not the case at all. You use bodyweight exercises to work nearly every muscle in the body.

Here is our list with demonstrations, too – recommended not just for men but including women.

1. Lower-Body Workout

This is our Christmas workout for men, specifically involving the legs. This one has the runner’s-lunge-to-balance in it, which is great for agility and speed.

This lower-body workout will test your endurance, and when you think you’re done, there’s a cardio exercise at the end that will give you one last challenge.

Additionally, you can decide how easy or hard it will be by adjusting the amount of rest you have with your exercises in these 12 days of Christmas workouts.

2. Joint ROM Workout

There are many HIT Christmas fitness workouts for people who don’t have joint problems. But this one was created by an Equinox fitness instructor, and it is kinder on men with joint problems.

It includes lower impact moves and yet still has some moves with higher impact.

3. Full-Body Cardio Challenge

This cardio workout moves your whole body. The circuit training will take you through five moves, which will work your legs, core muscles, and shoulders.

Then once you complete the circuit with the number of rounds you choose; you will finish off with as many reps as possible.

Full-Body Cardio

4. Christmas Workout for Men to Lighten Up the Core

Yes, it is possible to work your arms with just your bodyweight. Do this through plank variations by using your triceps and shoulders.

First, you will start with skaters to really get your blood pumping and then go down on the floor for some more plank-based moves.

You will be holding onto the plank hard in these moves, so go down on your knees if it will make things easier.

5. HIIT Christmas Workouts

You will love this HIIT workout. It gets you moving, so all your different muscle groups are worked, allowing you to move where you ramp up the intensity – so vital in HIIT workouts.

6. Cardio Christmas Workouts

Here you get a full-body cardio workout, going through three moves in a short amount of time. There is no running required in this workout, but you are going to work up a sweat here, choosing resting and working periods based on your fitness levels.

7. Hot Abs Christmas Workouts

This one is so easy to do at home with no equipment. Here you will take just 30 seconds on five different exercises without having any rests in-between until after the circuit is completed. Then after three rounds, see how your abs will be burning! This would be one of the best abs workout available.

Hot Abs Christmas Workouts

8. Core Challenge Workouts

Plank exercise are well-known for working the abs, and if done correctly, you seriously challenge your legs, butt, and shoulders.

This workout makes use of five variations on the plank. Here are some extra tips to make plank work even more and get the most out of it.

9. 3-Move Cardio Workouts

Here are just three simple but great easing into at-home workouts. If you are just getting started, try each of the moves for around 30 seconds with 30 seconds of rest in-between.

Then, as you get more comfortable, you can increase the work time and decrease your resting time to get more of a cardio workout.

10. Butt Workouts

You don’t even need anything but your body weight to get the glutes working, and this Christmas workout for men comes in just four moves. These moves prove that you don’t need equipment to get a good butt workout.

Butt Workouts

11. Arm Christmas Workouts

This workout will mainly work your core, but with exercises such as push-ups, plank-to-dolphins, and diamond push-ups, your arms also get a serious workout.

All nine exercises in this workout will only take 15 minutes to complete, and your triceps and shoulders will certainly be feeling it by the time you are done.

12. Butt and Core Workouts

If you want to target specific muscles, it might require small, controlled movements, which are the best features of Pilates-based workouts.

Fortunately, our Christmas workout for men does just that too, and you can do the circuit once or twice. This type of activity will warm up your glute muscles if you intended to get a more intense leg workout.

Matching Up 12 Days Of Christmas Workouts With 12 Super Christmas Tips

As Christmas approaches, lots of people not only tend to ruin their usual diets, but they also gain a few extra pounds.

Based on studies, many people gain additional weight during the holiday season that starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends with the New Year celebrations.

Excessive eating is claimed to be the primary cause for this additional weight gain, but it is also due to a lack of physical activity, including Christmas workouts!

1. Eat Before Heading Out

What to eat before a workout? Always try and have a healthy snack before you head out for all the family dinners, social calls, and family trips.

If you do this, you won’t be so tempted to over-indulge yourself and start starving! Don’t skip meals, though. It is not a good idea because you might be forced to eat more later, spoiling your Christmas fitness ideals.

2. Select Your Treats Wisely

Make sure you choose treats wisely. Choose the ones that are only available at Christmas and not things that will be available all through the year.

3. Avoid Skipping Meals

Don’t skip meals, particularly not breakfast. It might be tempting to skip particular meals, thinking that it will cancel out the treats you ate the previous day, for example, because this will only lead to counterproductive results.

Avoid Skipping Meals

4. Drink in Moderation

Regulate your drinking sessions because alcohol, sugary juices, and sodas like coke will add on the calories while coping with what you have already eaten as well.

5. Don’t Stop Moving

We have given you 12 days of great Christmas fitness routines, and you should always try and keep these up. If you can’t do it, walk more, at least, or even take the stairs!

6. Get Out of The House

Plan Christmas fitness outdoor activities where everyone can be involved because that will take care of some of the Christmas calories built on. Also, the kids will be entertained.

7. Remember Your Strength Workouts

We also provided strength workouts in our 12 days of Christmas workouts, so you can maintain the muscle mass that you have worked so hard on in the past.

OK, you might be tempted to use lightweights and only do a bit of cardio, but you can burn many calories by just lifting weights! Gaining extra muscle is much better than gaining more fat!

8. Set Realistic Goals

Set yourself realistic exercise goals like our 12 days of Christmas workouts – you will be very happy to achieve that.

9. Remember to Enjoy Yourself

Our 12 days of Christmas workouts are pretty realistic, as you will see. Enjoy yourself because if you become too rigid and restrain yourself from some tempting foods, it might just make you want to eat more! Rather, feel free to enjoy the treats but in small portions.

10. Replenish with Plenty of Water

Water can satiate your appetite and keep you hydrated at the same time. Plus, it can also help prevent a possible hangover if you have been a bit heavy on the alcohol.

Replenish with Plenty of Water

11. Eat more often, but less food

Makes sense? You can distribute your meals evenly throughout the day. Do not polish off all your small meals planned in one shot!

Rather, opt for five small meals. Eat your last meal earlier than you normally would in the evening, and maybe end your day with a nice walk.

12. Prioritize your Christmas workouts

The 12-day workouts we showed you – well, it might be a good idea to do them early in the morning, then you won’t get gripes from family members about “Can’t you just have a break for once!” type of comments!


These 12-day exercises aren’t even just for keeping up your strength during the Christmas break; these can double up as cardio routines because the possibilities for bodyweight workouts are endless.

Many people tend to set aside their Christmas workouts due to thinking there won’t be enough time, but our short workouts for 12 days will ensure you start your New Year looking good and on the right foot, and it will be a slim, nimble one at that!