>Low semen volume – that’s something that can hurt your fertility. So, if you’ve been trying for pregnancy with little success, it might be time to learn the strategies.

Here’s the thing: if you’re having trouble with low semen volume, then you’re not alone. In just the US, about 10% of men[1] struggle with infertility. That doesn’t even account for a global population. You guessed it – low sperm levels are one of the main things that affect fertility.

If you’re asking how to increase semen volume, you’re in the right place. We’ll be exploring what semen volume means, what affects it, and even share seven natural things you can start doing right now.

What does semen volume mean?

When you’re going for a semen analysis, there’s something called “volume” that’ll show up on the results. So, what does it mean if you have low or high semen volume? Well, it’s a measurement of how much sperm is inside the semen you ejaculate during sex or masturbation. You’ll need a certain amount of sperm in your semen to ensure you are able to conceive.

What affects your semen volume?

So, maybe you’ve found out your semen volume is a bit lower than what it’s supposed to be. Why is this? Well, that’s where factors affecting your semen volume come into the picture. Here are some things you should know that can affect your semen volume:

  • Your diet (what you eat on a daily basis, including those snacks you crave for) affects your semen volume.
  • Whether you smoke or drink alcohol are also things that can have an impact.
  • Age is another factor. The older you are, the more likely you are to have a low semen volume.
  • Your weight and exercise levels are also factors that can affect the volume of your semen.
  • Are you taking medications? These are also things to look at if you’re wondering what factors could be having an impact on your semen volume and overall fertility.

Ways to Boost Your Semen Volume

Want to know how to increase semen volume naturally? Then we’ve got you covered.

There are a lot of different answers you’ll find, but it’s important to start with the basics that might be present in your own life at the moment. So, here are seven effective steps that you can take right now to start improving your semen health.

1. Stop Drinking Alcohol

While having a drink now and then isn’t really harmful, when it becomes a habit, that’s when you should start to worry. And the thing here is: alcohol can actually harm your fertility and cause a low semen volume. So, if it’s something you’re worrying about, consider cutting back on your alcohol usage.

2. Exercise Regularly

Another way to really boost your fertility is to exercise more. Truth is, most men don’t get enough exercise – and that’s going to make you gain weight (we’ll talk about obesity and semen volume too). If you exercise regularly, then you’re also going to help improve the hormonal balance in your body.

3. Try Natural Semen Volume Enhancers Pills

How about a supplement that helps enhance your semen volume? What if it could do even more? There are actually a couple of options out there that you can explore – start with Nutesta Testosterone Booster Supplement, a highly-rated option that’s used by a lot of men to help with their low semen.

Semen Volume Enhancers Pills

4. Eat More Nuts

>Nuts could be a great way too. If you’re looking to learn how to increase semen volume – opt for Brazil nuts. They are packed with selenium, and that’s the key ingredient in the nuts that are going to help. You see, selenium is a mineral that’s incredibly important for many functions in your body – and it also plays an important role in your semen production. It’s one of the foods that increase semen volume.

5. Avoid Soy

Back to the controversy about soy. Some love it; some just don’t. But, if you’re a man, you should tread carefully when it comes to soy. There’s a study [2]in the Human Reproduction Journal that looked closely at how soy affects men.

Their findings: Soy can actually affect semen quality! The men who ate soy in their diet had a lower sperm concentration. They did account for things like body mass index (BMI), caffeine, alcohol, age, smoking, and even abstinence time. It still showed that soy may have a bad influence on semen volume.

6. Lose Weight

>If you’re obese or simply have extra weight in your body that’s putting you over a BMI of 25, then it’s time to look at ways to shed some pounds. That’s because if you’re overweight, it’s something that can actually have an impact on your fertility.

In fact, there’s a study [3] – published in the Clinical and Translational Endocrinology Journal – that found obesity in childhood might even play a role. Here, they studied children from two years up to 18 years. What did they find? Those with childhood obesity were much more likely to struggle with fertility later on!

If you’ve already started with your exercise program, then it’s now time to look at your diet. If you’re able to eat a calorie-deficit diet (calorie intake – calorie expenditure = negative number) then it’s going to help to speed up your results.

7. Have Sex

And as we get to the final tip, it’s to actually have sex – and if you’re already having sex and still have a low semen volume, consider having more. It might sound strange, but sexual intercourse can actually be a great way to improve your sperm count. Plus, it’s going to be something that impacts your testosterone and other hormone levels too – so these can add additional benefits to what you can expect from this simple activity.

Semen Volume

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase semen volume?

Watch your weight and exercise more - that’s a good start. But, you should also consider eating more nuts, having sex regularly and, of course, taking a good supplement that helps with your sperm production.

Can semen volume change over time?

Yes, it’s possible. In fact, you may even have changed between days. Apart from the volume, the color, quality, and consistency of your semen are not always exactly the same every day. And, as you age, there are also changes that you can expect. So, your semen volume won’t really be the same in your 40s as it was in your 30s.

What semen volume is needed for pregnancy?

If you’re wondering how much semen volume you actually need to conceive - then we’ll be able to measure it according to ml. That’s two to eight milliliters of semen [4] in an ejaculation. It equals about one to two tablespoons. But, it’s not the only thing that affects your facility, so keep this in mind.

How can you check semen volume?

You can’t check semen volume by just looking at your ejaculation. You’ll have to get a doctor to do a test called a “semen analysis”[5] for you. It’s a test that analyzes both your semen and your sperm. This test also tells you the shape and movement of your sperm.

Final Words

There are a lot of things that contribute to pregnancy – and one of those things is semen volume. If you’ve got a low semen volume, it could be the reason you’re having trouble conceiving. The good news: there’s hope!

With a couple of changes to your lifestyle, you might be able to learn how to increase semen volume. That’s going to give you more voluminous ejaculations and even offer you a better chance of conceiving successfully. Start with the seven tips we shared – they’re already going to make a big difference. After you have them in your daily life, you can start to look at more methods that could increase your semen volume.