As a weight loss and health coach I use coaching techniques which are a game changer for weight loss. We all think we can do it on our own, but the hard work is halved and made so much easier when you do it with someone! Having someone to guide and support you, gets results which work and more importantly keeps the weight off for good.

Changing life long bad habits and making new habits stick, takes time, dedication, and encouragement. Losing weight isn’t about a quick fix diet and then reverting to eating the way you did before. Losing weight isn’t about deprivation and hunger either.

One very good weight loss fact to remember:

Did you know if you want to lose weight you need to eat FAT!

BUT there are good fats and bad fats

Good fats are foods such as nuts, seeds, oily fish and some vegetables

Bad fats are those found in most processed foods, deep fried foods and take away foods.

Needs GOOD fat

Your body needs GOOD fat to:

1. Help You Absorb Vitamins From Your Food – Some vitamins and nutrients need a helping hand to be able to get into your cells to give you energy, like a car driving you from A to B.

2. 60% Of Your Brain Is Fat – The brain needs fat to keep your memory and learning sharp

3. Good Fats Prevent Inflammation – In your body as they protect our body from infection and stress

Here are a few more reasons why you need to eat fat to lose fat

  • Fat will take you longer to digest than eating carbohydrates and protein. By eating healthy fats in moderation, you can control your appetite and avoid overeating. Anything which digest slowly is better for your body.
  • Healthy fat is essential for your metabolism. So, when you eat fats you fire up your fat-burning rate because your body has to work harder. It is a little bit like a good gym session for your metabolism.
  • When you eat fats, you also reduce spikes in your blood sugar levels, because your body has to work hard stopping the extreme highs and lows which come with hunger and overeating. Your digestion is a bit like a child which needs to be kept happy.

Bad fats are filled with nasties which cause inflammation in your body and if you follow the money most of our diseases and bad health come from inflammation in the body.

Being overweight

Obesity and being overweight is time and time again linked with a low-grade, chronic inflammation. Let me explain, when your fat cells start to expand, you will get fatter, leaving your body in a constant swollen state.

This causes extra stress in your body, causing our white blood cells to rush in to help. If you don’t lose weight, your healthy cells stop responding to the hormone which regulates your blood sugar levels, which could lead something a lot more dangerous such as diabetes.

Here are 3 ways you ensure you get the RIGHT GOOD FATS into your diet each day.

1. Avoid Processed Cooking Oils Such As Sunflower Oil: Sunflower/vegetable oils will create inflammation in your body. Processed oils are full of chemicals which will leave you feeling sluggish and Meh! Instead use coconut oil or avocado oil when you’re cooking.

2. Throw Away All Your Low-Fat Foods In The House: Low fat yogurt, low fat milk, low fat cottage cheese. Low fat foods may seem healthy, but they are loaded with extra sugars as well as other nasties and these will make you hungrier = weight gain.

3. Eat Fats In Their Natural State: Such as peanut butter, almond butter, raw nuts, and seeds. Fats in their natural state have not been cooked to a high enough temperature before they hit our supermarkets. Fats need to be cooked at a low temperature to ensure that you don’t kill off omega 3’s and essential nutrients.

When you start feeding your body good fats, you’ll stop feeling hungry all the time AND stop craving sugary snacks, Which means your body has a good chance to lose weight and feel great plus these good fats are so delicious.

Two of my favourite healthy fats:


Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and contain potassium, vitamin B and K and fibre, helping you stay full for longer duration of time. They also provide you with energy levels to keep you going all day.

Nuts and seeds

Almonds and cashews contain high amounts of magnesium, which is great for stress and good sleep, and also offer monounsaturated fats that improve blood sugar levels, keeping you fuller for longer. Seeds such as flax, pumpkin and chia are a rich source of iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Good for the energy and for the brain.