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Overview Of Endopeak

Endopeak is a male enhancement supplement claiming to help you achieve a more fulfilling sex life. The manufacturer says its potential benefits include longer-lasting erections, heightened libido, and increased energy and stamina.

If you find your sex life is unfulfilling due to dampened sexual performance, a supplement like Endopeak may be helpful.


Endopeak Review – Health Website Images

How Does Endopeak Work?

Endopeak contains “100% natural” ingredients supposedly proven to increase blood circulation to the genitals, boost libido, support testosterone levels, and improve sexual stamina.

The manufacturer says results from taking Endoepak occur in stages. In stage one, you may experience increased energy levels and clearer thoughts. In stage two, you might start noticing more muscle definition, firmer erections, and improved sexual stamina. Finally, in stage three, the manufacturer claims all the benefits of taking Endopeak solidify as the inflammation in your reproductive system diminishes.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Endopeak

The manufacturer of Endopeak is “Endopeak Research”. The official product website says it’s manufactured in the United States in a “state-of-the-art” FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. The official product website also discloses its unique blend of herbs and minerals sourced from different parts of the world.

What Are The Ingredients In Endopeak?

You can find a complete list of Endopeak’s ingredients on its official website.

Hawthorn Berry – Hawthorn Berry may indirectly improve erectile dysfunction by dilating blood vessels and improving blood flow to the genital area. However, Hawthorn’s vasodilatory effects are theoretical and have yet to be proven in robust clinical trials.[1]
Tribulus Terrestris – In a clinical trial[2] with 180 men experiencing mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, those supplementing with Tribulus Terrestris demonstrated significant improvements in International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) scores, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, sexual desire, and overall satisfaction.
Chrysin – Chrysin is a flavonoid. Flavonoids refer to plant compounds that possess potent antioxidative properties. Chrysin may support testosterone levels by preventing its conversion into estrogen. However, we are lacking robust clinical evidence of Chrysin’s potentially beneficial effects on testosterone levels. A 21-day clinical trial[3] found that consuming chrysin-rich foods did not have any significant effect on urinary testosterone levels in male study subjects.
Epimedium – This ingredient is also referred to as horny goat weed. A medical review[4] found that epimedium may be one of the most effective natural phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. The PDE-5 enzyme interacts with nitric oxide and prevents proper blood flow to the penis. Blocking this enzyme, such as through the administration of Epimedium, could improve the dilation of the arteries in the penis leading to more sustained erections.
Saw Palmetto – Like Epimedium, Saw Palmetto can also block PDE-5 enzyme activity. An animal study[5] found that Saw Palmetto extract enhanced erectile response by inhibiting PDE-5 enzyme activity and prompting nitric oxide synthesis.
Tongkat Ali – A meta-analysis[6] of nine clinical trials found that taking Tongkat Ali led to significant increases in total testosterone in hypogonadal men. We still need more research to come to a consensus about the most effective dosages.
Winged Treebine – This herb may possess venotonic effects[7]. A venotonic refers to a substance that promotes venous drainage and circulation. Proper circulation to the genital area could support erectile function. However, we are lacking research on this herb and its potential benefits for erectile dysfunction.
Magnesium – A study[8] found that erectile dysfunction was more prevalent among study subjects with hypomagnesemia, or low magnesium levels. This may be due to magnesium’s role in the production of nitric oxide which promotes the relaxation of smooth muscle tissue and blood flow to the penis. Proper blood flow to the penis supports erections.

The Science Behind Endopeak

The official Endopeak website provides a list of scientific references to back claims about the product. Some of this research is included in the ingredient list above. However, some of the research Endopeak’s official website provides is irrelevant to the product’s formula.

What Are The Benefits Of Endopeak

Based on our research, Endopeak may have the following benefits:

  • The product may boost libido.
  • Endopeak may improve erectile function.
  • Some of Endopeak’s ingredients could support optimal testosterone levels.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Endopeak

Based on our research, Endopeak may have the following drawbacks:

  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide a certificate of analysis (COA) to prove the purity and potency of ingredients.
  • Customer reviews of Endopeak appear fake and photoshopped.
  • Endopeak is expensive.
  • Some of Endopeak’s ingredients may interact with certain medications.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Endopeak.

Some of Endopeak’s ingredients are linked to liver toxicity if administered in high doses. In addition to this, the manufacturer doesn’t provide a COA to prove the purity and potency of ingredients. We can’t guarantee this product is safe.

You can purchase Endopeak on its official website or through third-party retailers. Currently, the official Endopeak website lists one bottle of the product at $69.00, three bottles at $177.00, and six bottles at $294.

Endopeak doesn’t provide a free trial but does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If within 60 days of trying the product, you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can contact Endopeak’s customer service team to initiate a refund.

You should take two capsules per day after your first meal.

You can read reviews for Endopeak on its official website. Products similar to Endopeak include Primal Total Male+ and Virectin.

The manufacturer doesn’t mention any adverse effects associated with taking Endopeak. However, based on our research, male enhancement supplements can lead to symptoms such as gastrointestinal upset, headaches, congestion, irritability, and visual disturbances.

You can find additional information about Endopeak on its official website.

What Are Consumers Saying About Endopeak

The majority of customer reviews for Endopeak are positive. Customers reported a more satisfying sex life, improved erections, and increased energy and stamina. Several of the pictures associated with customer reviews on the official Endopeak website appear photoshopped. We can’t guarantee the legitimacy of these reviews.