Every wife adores a super-healthy husband who lives beyond expectation and makes them feel more beautiful, loved, and fulfilled! However, though all husbands and even boyfriends love to create magic moments for their special ones, only a few are determined to pay the prize!

1. You may always wonder, but there are very healthy secrets to why some husbands limit their alcohol intake or always eat sitting down; why would you eat standing up anyway? Some husbands eat facts, while others practice yoga, and never shared their personal items as health consciousness caused them to always wash their hands! Though many failed at these, there are golden reasons why even you should make those your breakthrough habits now!

Yes, wine contains antioxidants that are helpful! However, when consumed in excess, alcohol depletes nutrients and strains the liver.

Make drinking a once-in-a-while joy rather than a regular habit. When you sit down to eat, you allow your body to properly prepare for the digestion process.

You make your body’s task easier by chewing deeply, and the nutrients in your meal may be effectively absorbed. You do not become obese as a result of eating fat.

In reality, fat is required for the formation of your cell membranes. It is an energy source; it absorbs fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K; it is required for proper protein use; it slows meal absorption, controls inflammation, and, of course, it makes food taste delicious! Consume your fats!

Yoga, Tai chi, and Qigong remain excellent workouts; not just for the body but also for the mind. Super healthy husbands wash their hands before meals, after using the bathroom, and whenever they come into contact with germ-infested items.

Simple hygiene

We are not pushing for a sterile workplace, but simple hygiene will keep pathogens at bay. Do you ever share your toothbrush with others? Super healthy husbands don’t! You should also think about not sharing other personal goods, such as lip balm, mascara, beverages, and other objects that come into contact with your face. If you don’t share your belongings, you don’t share germs

2. Super-human husbands sleep enough, eat at least an apple a day, drink plenty of water, and never stress over little stuff! Most husbands look healthy on the outside but very sick or unfit on the inside because they sleep less, eat junk food, worry about little things, forget about apples and hardly drink enough water.

While we all sleep, super-healthy individuals know to go to bed at around the same time every night; they do not look at blue screens before going to sleep; they follow the same bedtime ritual every night, and they receive at least eight hours of peaceful sleep.

Even better, they eliminate all artificial light sources from their rooms to achieve full darkness. Stress puts a strain on the adrenal glands, the heart, and the entire immune system. Super-healthy people are able to avoid succumbing to stress.

Stress can be reduced by meditating on a daily basis. It appears that a red apple a day keeps the doctor away, so to keep the doctors away just eat an apple a day! The antioxidant quercetin is known to boost the immune system.

Water is the most abundant macronutrient in the body and performs several tasks such as waste elimination, cellular hydration, nutrition delivery, toxin flushing, and many more. For optimal health, consume half your body weight in ounces.

3. Super-human husbands make power physical exercises their routine and are committed to engaging their muscles at least 4-5 mornings each week.

This empowers you to make more contraction power than you could ordinarily have the option to deliver during a power workout or some strength exercises or when running, swimming, or, cycling, and so improves your training capacity.

The stretch-shortening cycle is basically the amount of time it takes your muscle to move from the eccentric phase (such as landing your foot on the ground during a running pace) to the concentric phase (your leg muscles contracting as you push your foot back off the ground).

Plyometrics usually refers to the regular and readily trained cycle by using explosive, forceful movements! Some of the power exercises super-human husbands admire include Hurdle Hops, Power Skips, and Clap Push-Ups:

Power exercises

1. Hurdle Hops

This lateral movement is included since most strength training programs or fitness programs involve just “front to back” jogging, riding a bike, elliptical trainer, etc. Jump side to side as many times as you can in the allowed time over a line, tennis ball can, cone, or step bench. You can leap with one leg (for more accomplished jumpers) or with both legs, (10 per side recommended).

2. Power Skips

Perform playground-style skipping, with knees as much above the ground as you could possibly make it, bursting towards the chest. Similar to bounds, your aim is to spend as much time as possible airborne while driving your knees into your chest as strongly as possible (20 yards advisable).

3. Clap Push-Ups

Just try to perform a regular push-up, instead this time do a push-up with a lot of force, & while in the mid-air clap your hands, and try to land in the same position of a push-up. If required, you can perform these on your knees. (10 push-ups recommended).

Clap Push-Ups

Congratulations! Now that you have learned all the three transformational virtues from the ordinary to the super-human, and therefore, husband status!


Who are you not to be? Start today and trust me, before the close of next week, you shall start experiencing the super-human effects of life like never before.

To your good health and vitality!