The Holidays And Sex

The holidays can be an especially stressful time for some people. With holiday travel, buying gifts for everyone, the long lines at stores, and the prospect of being in close quarters with acquaintances that you may not be particularly thrilled to see, the holidays can be very tiring on your mental health.

Excess stress during the holidays can lead to a lot of problems as well. These problems can include everything from accelerated aging[1] to excess alcohol intake.

So how can you combat some of the detrimental effects that the holidays can have on our brains and bodies? Sex! Sex is a great way to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps you sleep better and enhances your immune functions.

In short, healthy sex life[2] can help you make the holidays what they ought to be: joyous.

But how do you keep things interesting in the bedroom with your partner over the holidays? Read on, and you will learn about some of the best Christmas sex ideas.

Using Lights Creatively

One of the best Christmas sex ideas is to simply use what you are likely to have on hand. Have Christmas lights handy? Use them to playfully tie up your partner while you make contact with his or her erogenous zones like the ear lobes, the nape of the neck, inner thigh, or the breasts.

Of course, be sure that the lights are used safely and are not making contact with anything that is easily combustible with heat.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Toys

Whether holiday-themed or not, the incorporation of sex toys like vibrators, massagers, simulated genitals, and others maybe some of the best holiday sex moves you can make with your partner.

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life Over the Holidays

Spice Up Your Sex Life
Chances are you will have some time off from work over the holidays. If you want to spice up your love life, one of the best Christmas sex ideas is to make time for sex.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season but try to set aside time for you and your partner to be intimate.

Also, it can be very helpful to set aside time to talk about sex. Be open and honest about what turns you on and off with your partner.

A little communication can go a very long way in improving the quality of your sex and learning new Christmas sex positions.

12 Spicy Sex Positions

Now that we have covered some tips on how you can improve the quality of your sex life, it’s time to go over 12 of the steamiest holiday sex moves:

1. Cowgirl

The cowgirl position is a classic for a reason: it allows the woman to take control over the movement. A lot of women have trouble with other positions because they don’t include what feels best. Cowgirl allows to isolate her clitoris and stimulates the G-spot in women. The woman will be on top and receive vaginal penetrations. This position allows for greater rubbing of the clitoris, adding the pleasure to the engagement. It can also be executed while the man sits on a chair or couch.

2. Missionary With A Twist

In this variation, the woman lies on her back like normal but wraps her arms around her partner’s neck and her legs around his waist. Being face-to-face with the person you’re craving; this position can be very romantic and intimate. Also, putting a pillow under the receiver’s hips creates an angle for deeper penetration. Don’t forget to add some gentle stimulation, go ahead hold your man’s face or stroke his balls.

3. In A Chair

It can be very helpful to get outside of your normal venues for sex. Try using an armless chair to engage in a variation of the cowgirl position. Performing can be slow, relaxed, and easy yet sensual. You may transition to intense activity while making love on a chair. Begin penetration by sitting on the edge of a chair, the receiving partner can then straddle their legs at the same time controlling the speed and depth of penetration.

4. On Your Side

Try lying on your side while you face your partner who is also lying on their side. For the woman, raise your leg that is facing upward to allow your partner inside of you and guide his movements. This method promotes greater face-to-face and skin-to-skin contact.

5. Lying Cowgirl

This is just like the cowgirl position but can be a better way to get the angle you need. Instead of sitting straight up, lie on the torso of your partner with your arms propped up on the bed or floor. It can be communally satisfying. The partner lying on the bottom doesn’t have to do much; however, they can help lift the hips of the woman on top or push back and forth harder to make it very erotic.

Spooning Position

6. Spooning Position

This is sort of like the doggy style but on your side. In this position, the man lies on his side while the woman lies on her side, facing away from her partner. He then enters from behind for a sustainable and pleasurable time. The receiving partner would be the inner spoon. The man behind may cuddle the woman while preparing for rear-entry penetration. This posture may promote better skin-to-skin contact while giving the receiving partner erotic pleasure. Anal sex is also possible with the spooning position.

7. Doggy Style

You can’t argue with the classics. The main characteristic of this posture is the ventral arching of the vertebrae. In this position, the woman kneels on her hands/elbows and knees while the man stands or is also on his knees and enters from behind. Vaginal penetration from behind could be deeper, reaching the inner wall of the vagina and penile tip touching the anterior fornix. While in this posture, the male partner may stimulate the receiving partner’s buttocks or nipples.

8. Standing Doggy

Try both partners standing while the woman is bent at the waist supported by a table, counter, or anything that works height-wise. It requires less physical movement and may be appropriate for individuals with certain health issues. However, intimacy may be less in the doggy style.

9. Against the Wall

The woman faces the wall, and the man enters from behind. This posture requires both the man and woman to remain in a standing position. An alternative way to do this is to push the woman against the wall, where the man simultaneously pushes his organ back and forth. This could be very exciting for both partners.

10. Use the Couch

This can be very cozy, at the same time, very romantic. The couple may decide to do it during idle time. Also, doing it on the couch can be a cool place to ignite sexual pleasure. The woman lies (with legs open) on the seat of the couch, while the man kneels on his knee(s) to enter her.

11. Strap-Ons

We didn’t forget about women-women relationships. Using a strap-on for any Christmas sex positions mentioned so far can be a great way to liven things up. It may sound awkward at first if you haven’t tried using a toy before buy with practice, you’ll be having fun while thrusting and grinding.

12. Anything Goes In the Shower

You can execute multiple standing Christmas sex positions in the shower and instantly turn them into something new and exciting. The man may push the woman against the wall while water flows. Anal sex is also very possible here.

Parting Advice

Great Christmas sex positions are all about being open with your partner. Don’t be shy about talking about sex, trying new things, and compromising with your partner, and you’re sure to have great holiday sex. While engaging in any intimate sex position, eye contact and communication are both critical.