Depression with anxiety symptoms can be long-lasting with moderate to severe intensity – it can become a very serious health condition. A person who is depressed suffers greatly; they can’t function at work, and when it is at its worst, it can even lead to suicide.

Finding ways to improve mental health is imperative, especially for those who may be suffering some form of depression or anxiety.

To reap the benefits of good mental health, mental illnesses must be assessed and diagnosed properly. If a person does not get the help he/she needs, it could develop into the worst cases of mental disorders like schizophrenia.

Globally, there are over 264 million people who are suffering from mental and emotional health problems. Nearly 800, 000 people die committing suicide every year. It is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds!

But what a relief to know that you can get help through natural remedies for depression; or through therapy and often medication – you can fight back and overcome.

What Causes You to Get Depressed and What Are Ways to Improve Mental Health?

Ways to Improve Mental Health
We don’t know exactly what causes someone to get depressed or to suffer from mental and emotional health problems, but there are a few things that are linked to its development. Bottom line is that it usually results from a combination of life events or personal factors rather than just one thing. Humiliating and hurtful truths blurted out can make a person depressed.

Even changes in the brain called a chemical imbalance can cause depression but it’s very complicated. The right ways to improve mental health are essential. Some drugs, smoking, medications, and alcohol all can affect the way the brain regulates moods.

Moreover, searching for natural ways to fight depression is a good option. Talking to a family is very helpful. The person gets to talk about matters that he/she may be keeping for a long time. Open communication is essential for managing mental health issues.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

There is nothing new about mental illness. In ancient times, the Bible refers to a few cases. King Saul, who was the first King of Israel, was affected often by what we would call “clinical depression” today. His advisors recommended that a person they knew, David, who could play the harp, would be able to ease Saul’s mental distress with natural remedies for depression. Ironically, music therapy like that of David’s harp is still employed 3000 years later today for pleasure as well as for therapy. Many believers use the Bible to find relief from their mental distress.

Unfortunately, there are some afflictions that a pill won’t cure today. Spiritual healing is what Saul needed for his mental and emotional health problems. It is said that many mental health practitioners of today ignore that side, the spiritual dimension of healing.

Anxiety Symptoms

Maybe you recognize these signs and anxiety symptoms to show that you could be depressed – knowing them can help you find proper treatment:

  • You are experiencing mental and emotional health problems like low mood where you feel sad, angry, and irritable
  • You have no energy even to learn ways to improve mental health or do things
  • You have lost interest in activities you use to enjoy doing
  • You can’t concentrate and become tired more easily
  • Disturbed sleep with loss of appetite
  • You don’t feel so good about yourself; your self-confidence is low, you feel guilty, and you have anxiety symptoms and feelings of worthlessness

Natural Remedies for Depression

There are some natural remedies for depression that you can start using straight away. They are simple yet effective.

You can start to feel the benefits of good mental health sooner rather than later. They can help!

1. Get into a routine

Ian Cook, MD, psychiatrist, and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA says important ways to improve mental health is to get into a routine.

Depression gives your life no structure; it gets stripped away, causing anxiety symptoms. A gentle daily schedule can get you back on track again.

2. Exercise

Exercise boosts the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. You can feel the benefits of good mental health through walking! Regular exercise encourages the brain to rewire itself positively – all that good circulation and fresh air!

Walking a few times every week is truly one of the most wonderful natural remedies for depression.

3. Start eating healthily

Start eating healthily
There isn’t a magic diet that will fix depression but there are healthy foods and natural drinks that are ideal natural ways to fight depression. Foods that have omega-3 fatty acids in them, like tuna and salmon, are what the brain needs for proper functioning. It is believed by some that if you have insufficient amounts of EPA and DHA, you could suffer from depression. Also, folic acid in spinach and avocados are good depression fighters.

4. Get enough sleep

When you are depressed and your mind is full of clashing thoughts, it makes it difficult to sleep, which could worsen depression. Take away distractions out of your bedroom that cause anxiety symptoms, like your computer and TV. Don’t get glued to your cellphone before bedtime.

5. Take on some responsibilities

Feeling depressed often makes you want to go into your room and just close the door and never come out. But when you get involved and particularly with other people’s lives and problems, like working at an old age home or an animal shelter, you will soon discover that these are wonderful natural ways to fight depression. You are pouring your love and care into others and forgetting about your problems.

6. Take on something new

Because often depression is due to you being in a rut like you are going nowhere. Push yourself into trying something new. Take up a dance class or a hiking group, or a reading club. These are all amazing natural remedies for depression that can change things around!

7. Try and have fun

Decide to do something exciting and enjoyable every week, then you can find yourself looking forward to it. The depression kind of fades as you start to feel the benefits of good mental health activities!

Maybe every Friday, you start your weekend treating yourself to something that makes you feel wonderful, like pie, gravy, and chips at your little café, followed by a movie. Whatever tickles your fancy because it boosts mental and emotional health problems!

8. Try some acupuncture

Many patients don’t respond to the traditional intervention for treating depression like medication and psychotherapy. Read about all the fantastic things acupuncture can do for the body. It isn’t a cure-all but it can certainly help.

9. Take up reading

Take up reading
Read and get involved in the lives and adventures of others. Reading is a wonderful remedy and can help you get caught up in other places, forgetting about yourself and your problems.

10. Try and avoid stress

As much as possible, avoid it because it can cause depression. It can rob you of the benefits of good mental health. There is evidence that shows the links between depression, anxiety, and stress. It could be much easier to tell someone to avoid stress than actually experiencing it, but try and get plenty of sleep and learn to say no to extra demands on your plate. Take breaks from work.

Also, exercising like breathing exercises, and meditation are excellent natural remedies for depression.

11. Cut out alcohol and drug abuse

Many times, some of these, which are often used for recreational use, can increase the risk of depression, making the symptoms worse. Some people suffer from all three and may need help and medication for all the different conditions. Rather, search for natural ways to fight depression. If you are concerned that you might fall in this category, speak to your doctor and don’t delay.

12. Stay in the know and keep updated

Join groups where you can read and talk about your condition with like-minded people and also probably discuss natural ways to fight depression, like Talking Therapy where you receive counseling for certain issues can help a lot. It is a therapy that can either be one-on-one or with a group of people who like to meet just for the therapy’s sake or with their partners or other family members.

13. Try and avoid the common triggers

These could be things that might depress you or have depressed you in the past. Try and not go back to these types of things. It could be things like watching the news, or overuse of social media, or not sleeping enough. If it is impossible to avoid the triggers, it might be possible for you to reduce the exposure to these like deciding on just one day of the week when you check emails or watch the news or read Facebook, for example.

14. Add in some natural supplements

some natural supplements
There are potent, natural supplements that can help with depression. They contain natural vitamins and minerals that are greatly beneficial for depression.

We have included a list here for you. Examine them all and discuss them with your doctor before you embark on taking anything. Starting a new medicine or supplement or even a natural product can sometimes ‘clash’ with the current medications you might be taking.

15. Get sunshine

Songs about sunshine and happiness are all over – you can feel the benefits of good mental health through the sun. The sun is used as a metaphor to talk about hope, happiness, and even help you to rise from adversity. Remember the one by John Denver, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.”

Get out into the sun, go walking in the sun, sit in a deckchair, and soak up the sun. Come out of the dark places and feel the warming, positive rays of the sun on your shoulders. It must surely be one of the most beneficial natural remedies for depression there is!

Furthermore, researchers at BYU found there was more mental health distress in people that had the least sun exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling flat and down now and then is normal; it’s part of life. But when hopelessness and despair set in and don’t go away, you might have depression. Depression changes how you feel, think, and function in daily life, and it can interfere with your daily activities.

Depression affects all groups of people, but it is found highest in women

One study discovered that those who practiced mindful meditation for depression for just 2 & ½ hours a week were able to increase their brain density – important for mental and emotional health.

You can try many supplements on the market for depression, but one of the known natural remedies for depression is Relaxia.

Relaxia is 100% drug-free, in other words, it’s all-natural, helping you during the day and night time with calming and soothing ingredients to help you feel balanced and on top of things.


There is no real cure for depression, but we have shown you some fantastic natural ways to fight depression. The good news is that many different treatments are available to manage the symptoms.

A good treatment plan, which includes good medical interventions, lifestyle changes, and support, can make a person live a full and normal life with the condition while enjoying the benefits of good mental health. Please don’t forget the importance of nutrition. Consuming nutrient-poor foods not only fuels obesity and heart disease, but also poor mental acuity. All these things contribute to depression.

Some studies proved this point. Researchers published their findings in Public Health Nutrition showing that people who continue to regularly eat fast foods are 51% more likely to become depressed than those who eat none or just a little. Eating commercial-baked goods also advances depression. Depression is a disease that can be treated with medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Take the opportunity to enjoy the proven benefits. You can make it happen.

Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel and someone to talk to at the end of the line if you feel you cannot deal with your depression. Don’t be alone!