Very few attributes garner envy and attention, like thick, long, feathery eyelashes. A lucky few are born with gorgeous lashes, while the rest of us need a little help in that department. Mascara and extensions can help, but only temporarily. How to get longer lashes that last in healthy, natural ways?

Some experts have tried and true suggestions to coax thinner eyelashes to grow stronger. Let’s take a look at some of their tips.

How to Get Longer Eyelashes?

All that extra maintenance for eyelashes can get tiresome and expensive. This is especially true if you’re not getting the results you want. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you’re actually hurting your eyelashes with all that intervention. If you’re being too rough with your eyelashes, they get even thinner as a result.

Don’t be swayed by false claims. Look for suggestions like healthier lifestyle choices or legitimate products, like Volumlash, for how to get longer lashes. [1] Check out those and additional suggestions we’ve gathered from experts that may help you grow the longer eyelashes you’ve been wanting.

Expert Tips to Grow Eyelashes Longer

1. Green Tea

Green tea is more than just a delicious drink. It’s also a self-care routine that soothes eyelashes and encourages them to grow. In fact, green tea’s antioxidants, caffeine, and flavonoids protect and pamper both eyes and eyelashes. How to get longer lashes can be easy!

Just put on the kettle and make a cup of hot green tea. Don’t add anything extra like sugar, honey, or cinnamon. Just brew a plain cup and let it cool for a few minutes.

When it’s no longer hot, take a cotton ball and dip it into the tea. Then, hold the cotton ball and lightly move it across your eyelashes. You might even hold it gently to your eyes for a few moments to lower any swelling or puffiness.

2. Healthy Diet

Eyelashes, similar to eyebrows and hair on your head, stay healthy when you’re healthy overall. Keep this in mind when making choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating healthy foods helps grow your eyelashes.[2]

Shiny, strong hair can provide specific minerals and vitamins. Consider eating nuts and seeds that contain zinc, whole grains, fatty fish, and drinking plenty of water. A well-balanced diet not only keeps your body functioning well but also contributes to healthy, shiny hair and lashes.

3. Volumlash

Volumlash specifically helps people interested in how to get longer lashes. It’s made with peptides, green stem cells, provitamin B5, and glycerin. Thanks to this healthy blend, your eyelashes will be nourished, conditioned, fortified, and stimulated to grow.

This product doesn’t require a prescription. Once a day, apply Volumlash to clean lashes, using the mascara-style wand to coat both upper and lower lashes from root to tip.

Soon, you will begin to see results. Continue this routine every day to maintain the results, or your eyelashes will lose their thickness. This is a safe and effective solution that gives you the results you want.

If you apply an eyelash-lengthening product like Volumlash carefully and keep it out of your eye, this effective treatment can grow longer eyelashes and help them look beautiful.

4. Healthy Grooming Habits

Like any part of your body, proper maintenance improves your eyelashes’ look and appearance. [3] Taking good care of your lashes improves their health and makes it less likely that they’ll thin and break.

The following healthy habits can help your lashes appear longer and thicker:

  • Use an eyelash brush to brush your lashes every day.
  • Use gentle soap to wash your face and lashes in the morning and evening.
  • Thoroughly remove eye makeup before going to sleep.

5. Massage

Take a few moments every night to gently massage your eyelids before falling asleep. This calming routine helps stimulate hair follicles and grow longer eyelashes. Don’t press too hard or do this for too long.

A little goes a long way. A soft touch for about 60 seconds is all you need to do. Use natural oils such as vitamin E, castor, or olive oil for extra soothing. Some people prefer petroleum jelly or aloe. These all have positive effects on eyelashes.

You may even benefit from the practice of dipping a disposable mascara wand into the oil of your choice, applying a light coat to your lashes, and leaving it on overnight. Oils have been known to moisturize the follicles and lead to hair growth. Again, be sure not to get anything into your eye.

6. Take Good Care of Your Eyelashes

Lots of people get frustrated from lack of growth and turn to strip or false eyelashes. They’re fine for special occasions and can be a viable alternative if you can’t grow long lashes. You can find various sizes, shapes, and volumes to go with any mood or style.

However, when learning how to get longer lashes, don’t use falsies or strips daily. They often require glue or a magnetic strip that can pull and tug at your lashes. This increases the chances that your eyelashes get thinner, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

Also, never keep false or strip eyelashes on for long periods. Remove them as soon as possible after a special event or long day. Use gentle cleansers and wait until it completely dissolves the glue. Then, slide the lash off and discard it.

Never pull or tug when removing lashes or makeup from your eyes. You’ll often lose your real lashes at the same time. It may also take a lot of time for eyelashes to grow back.

Consider the products you use on or near your eyes. This is everything from cleansers to makeup to makeup remover and night cream. Make sure your products are gentle and don’t contain parabens or scrubbing beads.

Harsh chemicals and abrasives not only cause eyelashes to fall out but can also lead to more lines and wrinkles.

If you suffer from allergies, avoid over-rubbing your eyes. This is also true when you’re tired, anxious, or frustrated. Furiously rubbing your eyes can cause eyelashes to break along with small blood capillaries and negatively affect this tender area.

Frequently asked questions

Can long eyelashes affect vision?

Yes, when eyelashes regularly brush up against your cornea, the clear front part of your eye can easily become irritated. When this happens, it can lead to more serious conditions that may cause infection and scarring, ultimately affecting your eyesight.

How long do eyelashes regrow?

Why you lost your eyelashes and the overall health of the hair follicles around your eyes determine how long it takes for eyelashes to grow back. For most people, eyelashes fully grow back between six weeks and three months.

When do eyelashes grow?

Eyelashes grow back throughout our entire lives, similar to the hair on our heads. As we age, that growth tends to slow down a bit. However, the process of eyelashes growing, falling out, and regrowing takes about one to four months. So be patient when figuring out how to get longer lashes.

Why are long eyelashes attractive?

Typically, for women, long lashes are seen as more attractive. They’re viewed as feminine and healthier than shorter eyelashes. This may be because long eyelashes create a contrast between the eye and the eyelid. They make a woman’s eyes visibly larger and thus more attractive.

Final Thoughts

Many natural and safe home remedies can help some people grow longer eyelashes. Others choose Volumlash for an eyelash-lengthening solution. No matter what you choose to do when researching how to get longer lashes, be careful with your eyes. Don’t use abrasive or potentially dangerous substances, and keep all products safely out of your eyes, no matter what you use.