Following along on our series of interviews with health professionals, today we present a talk with Adriana Albritton, who is a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and author of the book ’28 Days to a New Life’. Adriana began her career in mental health and law enforcement when a chance injury suddenly turned her professionally in another direction. An interest in fitness and wellness led to a desire to help and educate others about improving their health and well-being. Adriana pursued training in Personal Fitness and Nutrition, leading to a career as a one-on-one personal trainer. She started her blog and wrote ’28 Days to a New Life’ so that she could reach a wider audience. When she’s not training with clients or authoring her blog, Adriana is working on building a new digital startup that teaches lifestyle modification through fitness, nutrition, and stress management, giving people the tools to achieve wellness. Let’s get to know Ariana better through this short interview!