Where did my love for COVID-19 start?

My fascination with COVID-19 started already in January 2020. My son was visiting. He studied medical and biological lab research. He loves science and scientific facts. (Later in 2020, he became part of a team that helped to develop one of the vaccines.) He was skeptical of the work that I do as a medical intuitive and allergy practitioner.

One day in January 2020, he had a very sore throat, and his neck was swollen. It was still two hours before he could see the doctor. “All right, you can do your voodoo thing on me” he reluctantly said, because he was in agony.

In my training as a medical intuitive, I learned that a lack of self-worth and guilt makes us more prone to viral and bacterial infections. I helped him release his issues and used some of my allergy techniques too. After 45 minutes the swelling and pain had visibly reduced. Yeah, it had worked, even on a skeptic! I knew I had found something that could work for COVID-19. (At that stage Covid was still only in China)

Do I have a solution for COVID-19?

I have a web-based App, called Apphirmations, that my clients use to reduce and even let go of their allergy symptoms. By March 2020, I added some things to this program, to create the specialized Immune Booster Apphirmations. I gave people with COVID access to them. And many felt that they had helped them. Some people healed quickly, others took a little longer, but no one ended in hospital.

I was curious how my body would handle COVID. Did my App make me immune to it? Every time I had a slight headache, or a runny nose, I would put on my App and the symptoms disappeared within a few hours. I had shared my experience with some of my doctor friends.

But they kept telling me that the only thing that can help against COVID, is the vaccine. I was tempted to expose myself to the virus on purpose, just to see. But I was too scared to do that. My husband has other health issues and maybe he falls into one of the high-risk categories.

One day, I was listening to our local radio station, while driving to a meeting. After 30 minutes I noticed how my heart was gripped in fear. The stats, and everybody talking about how bad COVID-19 is, just got to me. I could feel a tightness in my chest. A few days after that, I had a few stressors at work, and I felt rundown.

Eating humble pie

slight headache and runny nose
Within a week after experiencing the fear with the stress, I woke up with a runny nose and a slight headache. The App wasn’t taking the symptoms away. Did I have COVID? Oh no, that would look bad, because I had just set a date for my Self-Healing Solution webinar.

I didn’t want to get tested, because I really didn’t feel that bad. I was also embarrassed, because I had been telling friends and family members that I don’t get sick. And that is why I wasn’t worried about COVID. But what if I did have COVID? That wouldn’t look good, and I would have to eat humble pie, by admitting that I did get sick after all.

Maybe I just was tired (At least that is what I hoped it was). I addressed my concerns with my business coach. And she explained that this is all happening for a higher reason, even if I cannot see it right now. I was just to trust the process.

A blessing in disguise

My husband said that he didn’t think I had COVID-19. He suggested that I use the infrared (IR) lamp on my face, because it helps with headaches and the clearing of the sinuses. The next day, he also started to get the sniffles. Now I was worried, because what if I did have COVID-19, and what if it would kill him?

I couldn’t do much, other than resting a lot for the next few days, while listening to my Immune System Apphirmations and using the IR lamp. I wanted to get hold of some Ivermectin. Research has shown that it helps with the prevention and healing of COVID-19.

I tried to get it from a pharmacy but it was like having to jump through many hoops. I miraculously found someone who could send me some. It should have taken one day to get the Ivermectin, but for some reason, it took three days.

What a blessing in disguise, it has been that it took three days. Because my husband also felt a lot better within three days, without the Ivermectin. I could see how everything was just so Divinely perfect. I really had been able to test my App and our immune systems.

“But, did I really have COVID-19, or was it just a cold?” I still wasn’t 100% sure, as I didn’t get tested. As I was pondering on that question, I put some eucalyptus aroma-therapy oil on my handkerchief to help clear my sinuses. I smelt nothing, not even the faintest whiff.

That is an interesting experience, for someone who has always had such an acute sense of smell. Even with a blocked nose in the past, I always had been able to smell something! There was my Divine answer to my question. I knew now that I had the real thing! The irony is that my husband did not lose his sense of smell!

It is just the flu

In 2020, I listened to an interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the book Biology of Belief. He has done a lot of scientific research on the mind-body connection. He explained how we have two defense mechanisms.

  • An external defense mechanism, to defend us against external threats.
  • An internal defense mechanism, that defends us against internal threats, like COVID-19.

Immune System

The external defense mechanism has preference over the internal one, because in the caveman days running from a lion, was more urgent than fighting a virus. The body mobilizes energy to fight, flight, or freeze, by shutting down the immune system, our digestive system, and our higher brain functions. Operating in survival mode with a survival brain at the helm, we now perceive everything as a threat. We cannot put things into perspective anymore. We feel now even more stressed.

In this interview, Dr. Lipton kept saying “COVID is just the flu!”. And while I was now lying in bed, I just kept reminding myself “It is just the flu”.

What makes the Pandemic so deadly?

Combining Dr. Lipton’s information, with the law of attraction, we can safely say that there are two main reasons, why this pandemic so deadly.

  • It is not the virus itself that makes this pandemic so deadly, it is our fear! Our fear is causing our immune system to be shut down (partly). It is as if we are fighting an enemy with our hands tied behind our back.
  • According to the Law of attraction, what we focus on, grows. The whole world is focused on illness and death, instead of focusing on health! The more we focus on health, the more we will see and experience health.

What will your next step be?

If you want to stay safe, it is extremely important that you overcome your fear of Corona. What can you do to feel safe? Here are some options. Choose the option(s) that will work best for you.

  • Get vaccinated if that is what you need to feel safe.
  • Have some Ivermectin in your medicine box. You could use it as a preventative measure or for when you feel some symptoms.
  • Come to my Self-Healing Solution webinar on the 15th of July, to get tips on how to help your immune system do its job.
  • Use the Apphirmations App to reduce your fear and address the issues that can make you more prone to viral and bacterial infections. For more info go to www.thelife-youwant.com/apphirmations

In Conclusion

I love my COVID-19 experience, because it was the perfect manifestation of my heart’s desire. I have experienced firsthand that I don’t have to fear COVID. I know my App works for me. My next heart’s desire is that soon more people will use it too. There is a free version that people can use for 14 days and there is a paid version, where people can get the full Apphirmations subscription. For more information, people can go to www.thelife-youwant.com.

I am not claiming that my Apphirmations will heal and prevent COVID-19.