As we begin to move into LIFE following the Pandemic, what is the best thing that we can do for ourselves, so that we love life again?

Throughout the last few years, the impact of COVID 19, we have all experienced restrictions, heaviness, and pent-up emotions that arose within us, due to the expectations and requirements placed upon us from external sources.

Everyone’s life, in the whole entire world was affected!! Rules, expectations and requirements were and still are somewhat being applied to everyone around the world, no one was exempt. Crazy, isn’t it?

So, what has been the impact of this Pandemic on you? Yes, on you as an individual? How are you coping? What is your life like now since entering into the Pandemic? How have things changed for you? I invite you to take a moment to think about this.

As I write, I can’t help but think of a variety of conversations that I am hearing about and having that seem to continuously surround me now in my daily life. Conversations and expectations of people being frustrated, disappointed, upset and fed up, literally done with it all.

No one is really sure what lies ahead. What else could happen that could spiral us back to a year ago or maybe even more challenging realities then COVID 19!!!???? It can be very frightening, upsetting and debilitating even thinking about what is possible.

So – STOP! Stop getting upset, frustrated about what has happened as it is in the past. Stop putting time, energy and thoughts into the past as that no longer actually serves you. What is done, is done.

Stop getting upset

When we spend our time in the past dwelling on the negative feelings and thoughts we have, we just continue to keep a negative energy, a heavy pull, and actually can block the flow of fun, happiness and well-being when we do that. So- STOP!

STOP! Stop thinking about the future and the “what ifs”. It does not serve you to predict what you think could happen, because the predictions will have a basis, a tie and link to your experience and won’t provide all the possibilities that exist, as they come from your mind, which is already tainted through your experiences.

I actually invite you to take some time to reflect on what it may be like if you were to begin living your life more in the present moment. Even if it is only for a few seconds daily. Reflect and take note on how your thoughts, emotions, and reflections change if you decide to experiment with living in the moment for a part of every day.

When we, as human beings, use the world around us as a reflection, like a mirror or a compass to help guide us, we open ourselves up to growth.

For example, let’s say we become frustrated by our external environment; such as having to wear a mask, being asked to stay apart from others and social distancing, and we choose to use the restrictions as a way to heighten our emotions then we can become a victim to our environment.

We are choosing to fall victim to external forces we can’t really do a whole lot about.

However, if we acknowledge that we don’t like it and aren’t happy that we have to follow such “protocols”, through the act of acknowledging we can move on to find happiness in other ways and we purposely no longer fall victim to environmental situations.

We take control back as to how WE want to feel and live our lives! Not dwelling in the situation in ways that cause us internal strife, harm and the carrying of heavier emotional baggage will be of benefit to ourselves in the long run.

Okay, great Denise, so how do you propose we change? How do we take back control of our thoughts, emotions and feelings then?

There are three incredibly easy, simple and extremely effective ways that one can bring themselves back into alignment and into control of how they feel, live and take charge of their well-being.


Nature Walk
Go outside and be in nature. There are so many wonderful mini trails in the world that are being created for exactly this reason.

It is a proven fact that nature is a force that brings herself into natural harmonious balance and when we are humans interact with the beauty of nature by physically experiencing, being in the moment when in nature we can tune in using all of our senses and when we do, our internal energy can adjust and feel at peace, calm and aligned and rather quickly.

So go out and buy in nature and explore through your eyes, ears, and nose and tune in to the moment by being in the present as you do. You will find fulfillment from within, I guarantee it.


When we quiet our minds and empty it as if it were a blank slate and sit in silence, we are able to access a deeper knowing and inner truth that can be explained but definitely can be experienced.

If you are new to meditation or taking quiet time in your day, I highly suggest using an app such as Headspace, or guided meditations that you can find on YouTube. The benefits of meditation are huge in that you begin to quiet the mind and realize how constant your mind chatter is.

How much you actually talk to yourself and how the messages you continually feed yourself are not uplifting and enlightening. Take the time every-day to sit quietly, even if it is only for 2 minutes. You will be amazed at the long-term effect it will have on your day.

Once you get used to using guided meditations, I would strongly suggest using white noise to sit in quiet and focus on the white noise. When you do this you can access a deeper part of your subconscious mind and you will begin to need this in your daily life to live a life of balance, joy and happiness.


go to exercise

Becoming aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings is huge. When you are aware of how you respond or react then you will begin to decide whether or not you are wanting to make a change.

Chances are very good that if you are reading this article, you are in a place in your life where you are wanting to begin the process of change.

You are looking for healthier ways to live, and while we frequently go to exercise and eat as an initial way to take charge of our health, please know that mind health is a huge part of a successful healthy lifestyle too.

Just remember what we focus on becomes our reality. So, if you think happy thoughts, relish in the NOW and use your thinking as a way to guide you and step into a happy JOY filled life on purpose then you WILL learn how to LOVE your LIFE—- EVERYDAY, because you CAN!