How Is Male Sexual Performance Anxiety Defined?

The problem of male performance anxiety is often defined as a “pressure” of sorts placed on a man to bring his sexual partner to climax. Many times, the pressure that is applied to the sufferer is brought on by his own hands.

Male performance anxiety is felt by many males who have been inundated with images and ideas that they are always supposed to be ready for sex and should have the stamina to last for as long as needed.

Male performance anxiety often takes the form of a certain line of thinking. For example, many men who suffer from this condition feel that they need to bring their sexual performance to climax at least once, each time they have sex. Some men even feel the pressure of ushering their partner to climax multiple times each session.

This type of anxiety is often spurred by pornography and the general cultural assertion that men should always be strong and ready for whatever at any time – including sex.

This line of thinking fails to take into account physical factors, mental factors, stress-related factors, health factors, environmental factors, or even situational factors. Again, male performance anxiety is, in most cases, a condition that the sufferer brings upon himself.

What can Cause This Type of Anxiety?

One thing that many men fail to realize is that their emotional and mental states are directly related to their physical state. This pertains especially to sex. But when you make a connection between the emotional, mental, and physical, you can better understand male performance anxiety and what causes it. Here are some of the factors that contribute to this condition:

1. Fear

Fear is by far the most common cause of male performance anxiety. Men begin the sexual experience with the fear or apprehension that they will not be able to please their sexual partner.

And for some men, going into the sexual act with these kinds of thoughts automatically disqualifies them from performing so that they can satisfy their partner. This fear is often bred from an unrealistic or misguided perception of sex in the first place.

This fear also goes hand in hand with simply overthinking sex as something grandiose or larger than life. When the act itself is lauded so high in the mind; it turns it into something almost unattainable and instills fear.

2. Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can also lead to male performance anxiety. When you go into the sexual act self-conscious about what your body looks like or what your partner may think of you, it can seriously hinder your performance. Poor body image often feeds into this low self-esteem. Older men, men with unhealthy diets, and multiple signs of aging can fuel low self-esteem and make this condition much more prevalent and impactful.

3. Relationship Problems

When there is tension outside the bedroom, it can affect your thought process inside the bedroom. That’s why relationship problems are also common causes of sexual performance anxiety.

When issues arise in a romantic relationship, a man can begin to think that their partner has negative feelings toward them. They may feel that their partner is no longer attracted to them or doesn’t enjoy sex with them anymore.

These feelings can easily spiral out of control and cause the man to second-guess and doubt himself – including his ability in the bedroom.

4. Recent Accidents or Medications

Sometimes, the causes of sexual performance anxiety are based more on reality, rather than being a condition of some made-up stress. Men who have recently suffered an injury to or around their genitals can easily begin to doubt their ability to perform.

Likewise, certain medications can hinder a man’s sexual functions. But the man may still feel that he is expected to perform by his partner. This can easily lead to anxiety or an aversion to the act of sex altogether.

What Happens When You Have Male Performance Anxiety?

causes of sexual performance anxiety
There are many causes of sexual performance anxiety. Naturally, it only follows that there are several symptoms of this mental condition. Here are just a few:

1. Arousal Issues

Since one of the causes of sexual performance anxiety is stress related to the act, certain hormones are released in the body. These hormones are released as a response to stress. And although they are perfectly natural, they can begin to have some adverse effects on the body.

In the case of sexual performance, stress hormones can narrow the blood vessels, which can obstruct blood flow to the extremities, including the penis. This is why many men who experience this type of anxiety also experience a form of erectile dysfunction.

2. Irritability

When a man is unable to perform, insecurity often sets in. And insecurity is one of the causes of sexual performance anxiety. When this insecurity is allowed to fester, it often takes the form of irritability in men.

3. Low Libido

One of the most common symptoms of sexual performance anxiety is a low libido. Since many men will feel apprehensive about having sex while suffering this condition, they may find that their natural sex drive is much weaker than normal.

4. Interpersonal Problems

Of course, one of the most common causes of symptoms of sexual performance anxiety includes interpersonal relationship problems. Many couples cite sex as important to their relationship. So, when there is a problem in the bedroom, it often leads to problems in other areas of the relationship.

5. Physical Problems

Sexual anxiety can also cause physical problems like ED and retrograde ejaculation.

How can You Solve the Issue?

Increase Foreplay
Since there are many symptoms of sexual performance anxiety, it stands to reason that there are a variety of ways to treat it.

To successfully treat the issue, you have to be aware and honest about the specific symptoms of sexual performance anxiety you are experiencing.

Here are some of the most effective ways to treat the causes and symptoms of sexual performance anxiety:

  • Increase Foreplay – Pleasing your partner in other ways besides intercourse can help alleviate tension. That’s why one of the most effective male sexual performance anxiety solutions is increasing foreplay like oral sex and masturbation.
  • Maintain Communication – This is one of the harder male sexual performance anxiety solutions for men because many men are reluctant to talk about the issue. But the fact is that being open and communicative with your partner about your anxiety can help dispel some of it.
  • Diet and Exercise – For men who suffer from body image issues, one of the most effective male sexual performance anxiety solutions is to improve their body composition. This usually increases confidence and sexual prowess.
  • Seek Medical Help – Oftentimes, talking to a professional health provider is one of the best male sexual performance anxiety solutions. Practitioners have a deeper understanding of this condition, and they can help you manage your sexual problem.

Seek Medical Help

Last Thoughts

If none of the above male sexual performance anxiety solutions have worked for you, it may be beneficial to try natural supplements. There are a lot of natural products that you can purchase without a prescription.

Some natural supplements can help increase arousal and even lessen symptoms of erectile dysfunction. They contain scientifically proven ingredients that increase testosterone levels in the body.

And make no mistake about it; performance anxiety can certainly lead to erectile dysfunction. It is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection.

The anxiety of this nature is often what leads to the mental causes of erectile dysfunction. So, you have to be careful as a man. It can be a slippery slope between a purely physiological issue and a truly physical one.

Moreover, erectile dysfunction is just one of the many unfortunate, possible side effects of this type of anxiety. Many other conditions can arise and become long-term problems for you.

It’s best to nip anxiety in the bud, so to speak, if you wish to avoid more serious sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. As a man, you can do so much more and get a satisfying sexual encounter each time.

Sexual anxiety is something that can easily be avoided and alleviated. This is why it makes it all the more unnecessary for men to feel this way.

Additionally, sexual anxiety is often bred by the masculine culture wherein all men need to be “studs” in the bedroom. But sex is a lot more than physical performance. It is the act of showing love, which pertains to real emotions.

Many men fail to acknowledge the mental or emotional aspect of sex, which is why sexual anxiety is much more common among men.

If you feel like you are suffering from sexual anxiety, you need to talk to someone about it. Acknowledging it is the first step to any route of recovery that is best for you.