You may not realize it, but you use medical intuition every day, for yourself and your loved ones. Medical intuition isn’t “woo woo”, it is simply tuning into your body and emotions to listen to the signals you need to take care of yourself.

It is a misconception that only intuitive, mediums or energy healers can accurately connect with intuition as well as to loved ones in spirit. Ideas like this block our ability to listen, heal and thrive. I often tell people that their loved ones who have passed want to talk to them much more than they want to talk to me.

You may have heard the term “mother’s intuition”. It is a “knowing”, by all parents about what children need, including when they are hurt or upset. I remember knowing when my kids had an ear infection or stomach ache just by the way they were acting.

I knew when my kids were tired, frustrated, or hungry just by the variations in the sound and volume of their cry. Parents not only have to determine what is wrong, but also how to take care of it. Part of “mother’s intuition” involves using medical intuition.

It is very important to learn to trust your intuition, when you first receive the information, rather than pushing it down. When you ignore subtle signals from your intuition, it doesn’t just go away. It gets your attention using more serious physical and emotional symptoms and problematic life circumstances.

Trust your intuition

This is a concept I like to call the feather and the sledgehammer. Being tickled by a feather with your intuition might mean slight insomnia, fatigue, a stuffy nose or hearing a message in your head that a person we meet might not have our best interests at heart.

Breaking a bone, contracting a serious illness, getting a virus that lands you in bed or being fired are examples of being hit by a symbolic sledgehammer. It hits us again and again until we learn to listen.

The following is a partial list of obstacles to listening to our inner voice and intuitive signals from our bodies. It is from my book Heal from Within: A Guidebook to Intuitive Wellness.

1. Attempting To Control The Message You Receive

You may not want to hear what you are told and it isn’t uncommon for our intuition to tell you something unrelated to what you are asking about. Be open to the possibilities.

2. Self-Doubt And Overthinking

Just be open and know that you will not always be accurate or on target. That is okay. Perhaps it won’t seem accurate at the time, but it will later prove to be.

3. Believing That You Must Act On What You Learn Immediately

Change can be overwhelming and frightening. You can be open to the information you receive without having to act on it. Your intuition gives you possibilities and ideas, it doesn’t force you to do anything. You have free will.

4. Believing That If You Aren’t Seeing Colors, Hearing Voices Or Having a “Mystical Experience”, You Haven’t Done It Right

Although I’ve had amazing spiritual experiences, I would not call the majority of my personal spiritual interactions “mystical”. The quiet whisper of intuition is just as powerful as technicolor vision.

5. Believing That You Aren’t Intuitive

Some people fear that if they aren’t a medium, psychic, medical intuitive, or someone else with “special” recognized abilities, they must not be intuitive. We all have the ability to connect with intuition.

General Anxiety

6. General Anxiety, Trauma, Or Anything That Prevents You From Being In The Present Moment

If you are always thinking about the past or the future, you cannot be grounded in the present. This is essential for being able to listen.

7. Blocking Out Feelings

If you can’t listen to your feelings, you definitely can’t be open to listening to intuition

8. Not Being Connected To The Body

This might be because of emotional or physical pain, poor body image, body dysmorphia (seeing your body differently than the way it actually looks), eating disorders, sexual assault or abuse. The body is an important source of intuitive information, since intuition uses symptoms to get our attention.

9. Lack Of Sleep

If you are tired and irritable, it is difficult to focus on anything, much less intuition.

Are any of these blocking your ability to listen to the signals you need to be happy, healthy and live your best life? If so, you don’t have to address them all at once. Start with one and embrace the benefits. This will help give you the courage to let go of self-doubt and listen to your intuition.