Wrinkles are part of your life as you age, and they can appear in different body parts. You may experience having them at a younger age or later in life. Further, there various types of wrinkles and various causes. Wrinkle formation can be a result of many factors.

Fortunately, there are some natural remedies to get rid of wrinkles. But before we get on to these methods, let’s take a closer look at the most stubborn mark of aging – wrinkles.

A Closer Look at Skin Wrinkles

Rhytide is another name for wrinkles and appears when your skin doubles up forming lines and ridges. One of the signs of aging is when your skin becomes thin and elastic, which leads to wrinkling.

Some also believe that wrinkles are caused by making various facial expressions, which folds the skin. They may appear on your face as a sign of fatigue or worry. However, it is imperative to understand that aging is one of the primary causes of wrinkles.

Major Causes of Skin Wrinkling

Causes of Skin Wrinkling
There are different causes of wrinkles, and some can be controlled. These factors include:

  • Aging. As mentioned above, aging is the main cause of wrinkle formation. Intrinsic aging and chronological aging are the same, and each person undergoes this during their lifespan, irrespective of extraneous factors. The process is natural and varies for everyone as it depends on heredity. Signs of aging include the skin becoming thin and inelastic.

    It happens because your body produces less collagen yearly by 1% after the age of 20. The skin stretches, and it is one of the causes of wrinkles. It leads to wrinkling across your body. As you start aging, the skin begins to produce less oil, making it dry and making wrinkles visible.

  • Facial expressions. Smiling causes wrinkles as the mouth corners form furrows because your cheeks pull up your lips. Smiling creates expression lines, one of the types of wrinkles.
  • Rubbing down your eyes. You should not rub your eyes immediately upon waking up. Constant rubbing creates compression, which is one of the causes of wrinkles near your eyes.

  • Smoking. Smoking[1] can harm your health, as well as your skin. Being one of the causes of premature aging, smoking affects the purse-string muscles and forms wrinkles, making you look older.
  • Pollution. Pollution is another factor that leads to the formation of wrinkles. Molecules, radicals, and exfoliation cause damage to your body. Pollution impacts the biological functioning of your body, resulting in lesser collagen, which creates certain types of wrinkles and making your skin look dull, dry, and less elastic.

  • Prolonged Sun Exposure[2]. Exposing your body to the sun for a long time also causes pigmentation and the development of wrinkles, especially on your face.

Forms of Wrinkles

Forms of Wrinkles

  • Forehead Lines. Several types of wrinkles are easy to spot, and these include forehead lines. Frequent exposure to the sun may cause forehead wrinkles[3]. The sun’s UV rays can deplete the collagen and estrogen levels in your body. Also, when you do the same facial expressions, such as raising eyebrows and frowning, cause lines to form in this area.

    The wrinkles on the forehead are one of the fastest signs of aging to appear. These lines may also be a result of handling tasks that make you squint your eyes, which could happen when you engage in activities such as typing or reading.

  • Crow’s Feet. Crow’s feet are another form. They create four lines in the eye corner, which look like crow’s feet, hence the name. Crow’s feet are more visible than expression lines and other wrinkles on the face. Repeated facial expressions cause these wrinkles near the ocular area. Your muscles in the temporal contract when you make different facial movements. Dynamic and static are also two types of wrinkles.

    When the muscles contract, dynamic wrinkles develop. When you smile, crow’s feet appear. But when there are no facial expressions, and your face has crow’s feet, the wrinkles are called static. It is also essential to note that crow’s feet are one of the more prominent signs of aging.

  • Laugh Lines. Laugh lines are created when you laugh. Your face has perpendicular lines and when the lines stretch from the nose sides, and they make a curve around your mouth, which elongates to the chin at times. Everyone experiences laugh lines.

    Nasolabial crease and fold are the two kinds of laugh lines. The line you see amidst the cheek and upper lip is the nasolabial crease. The skin that hovers over the crease is nasolabial fold. These laugh lines are also one of the signs of aging.

  • Elevens. The space between your eyebrows is called glabella and it gets wrinkles at an early stage of your life. Many people call these wrinkles eleven as two perpendicular lines form when you frown. A few people may have one line, and others have two or more. With time, the lines become permanent on your face and may make you seem like you are angry. Many factors lead to elevens on your face, such as sun exposure, smoking, and frowning frequently. But even if you avoid these factors, elevens could still form, and they are also more pronounced signs of aging.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally

Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally
There are various natural remedies that you should use to prevent wrinkles from a young age. These treatments may work for all ages. The following are twelve ways on how to prevent wrinkles.

1. Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is a way of how to prevent wrinkles. The SPF should be over 30 as this may also reduce the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen aids in delaying the process of aging. Even if you wear it to the beach when going on a holiday, it shouldn’t stop you from using it daily.

2. Good Sleep

It is crucial to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep and a maximum of eight hours. Sleeping well can help get rid of wrinkles. Sleeping for eight hours promotes skin repair. As much as it is vital to get enough sleep, it is necessary to sleep on the right side. Sleeping on your stomach for a long time presses your eyes to the pillow and causes folds to develop. If you sleep on any side, but your face is pressed to the pillow, perpendicular wrinkles will form.

3. Less Sugar Intake

Avoiding too much sugar may reduce your risk of developing diabetes and wrinkles. Excessive sugar consumption can affect your skin health. When sugar accumulates in the body, it produces glycation and AGEs, a short form of advanced glycation end products, harming the integrity of the skin. This can make you look older as collagen tears apart due to AGEs. Limiting your sugar intake and reducing oily foods is a way of how to prevent wrinkles.

4. Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the ways to get rid of wrinkles. Smoking causes lung cancer and also makes you look older as it dries out your skin. Secondhand smoke can also damage your skin and puts you at a greater risk of cancer or other diseases. These two components are necessary for the body to keep your skin firm. The best thing you can do for your skin and overall health is to stop now, then you’ll see how fast your skin heals itself!

5. Face Wash

Washing your face twice a day is a way of how to prevent wrinkles. Wash your face in the morning when you wake up or when you shower and before you sleep.

Washing your face regularly eliminates toxins, chemicals, and makeup residue lodging on your skin. It keeps the skin fresh. But don’t scrub it vigorously. Be gentle when using soap or face wash. A little TLC can help get rid of wrinkles without damaging your skin.

6. Face Masks

using face masks
One of the easiest ways to avoid wrinkles is by using face masks. You can use aloe vera to make a mask or even bananas. Aloe vera has plenty of healing compounds proven to reduce wrinkles. Also, bananas contain vitamins and natural oils, which are the best for your skin and to get rid of wrinkles.

7. Essential Oils

Use essential oils[4] with a jade roller to prevent or reduce wrinkles. Mix essential oils with a carrier oil for the best results. Since everyone’s skin is different, it’s best to do a patch test to determine if you are likely to react to the substance.

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which reduce cholesterol and insulin levels. Prepare your meals with olive oil to make them a little healthier. Also, foods such as fish, avocados, and nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats. Olive oil could be a great way to get rid of wrinkles.

9. Vitamin C

Take vitamin C supplements that are suitable for your body. Vitamin C increases collagen levels. Collagen is a protein that promotes the skin’s structural integrity.

Fruits that are high in vitamin C include kale, guava, and broccoli. Also, some topical creams are enriched with this vitamin and you may apply them to your skin to reduce wrinkles.

10. Water

Drinking enough water is essential for your skin and health. Different people have different weights and need to replenish the water that’s lost through perspiration. Drinking water may flush the toxins from the body, which helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. Three liters per day is enough, no matter your body weight. Hydration improves your skin, makes it glow, and prevents wrinkles from developing.

11. Avoiding Ultraviolet Light

UV light is believed to be the primary cause of wrinkles in your body. It is impossible to avoid UV light completely; however, lesser exposure to the sun can be helpful. Use a sunless tanning cream when you go to the beach or outdoors and wear a hat that protects your face from the sun. Also, wear clothes with long sleeves or a good pair of pants.

12. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is best[5] for both the skin and hair. It is a natural demulcent and makes your skin smooth and helps it absorb moisture when applied as it gets rid of gaps in the epidermis. It also makes the face fuller and helps in glowing.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the natural remedies that can help you get rid of wrinkles. When you reach a certain age, it is impossible to eliminate all the wrinkles, but following these methods may help reduce their depth.

Eat healthy foods, take vitamin C, exercise, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and don’t stress over matters you can’t control. All these will improve not only your skin but also your health, keeping you fit and young-looking.