The holiday season has come, and it poses trouble on two fronts. The obvious one is the battle with food.

Every time you turn to the other side, there is a party, whether it’s at the office or a friend’s, and this is going to mean plenty of tasty, high calorie, and unhealthy food; not to mention the free-flowing alcohol that you are going to drink as well.

The second front is the one that not nearly many people think about during this time of the year; that’s how busy you can get!

Men, we understand, your regular workout often gets skipped over during the festive time. However, for those who wish to ensure that the health benefits of exercise, food, and fitness are leveraged, this can be a difficult time.

No one has time to go to the gym. Workout seems to taper off during this holiday season, and before you know, you have eaten all these unhealthy high-calorie food, wine, and beer, and you are starting to take on more weight.

Regular New Year workout for men provides an unlimited number of health benefits. It improves your bone health, boosts your immune systems, and lowers health risks such as heart problems, diabetes, and various life-threatening conditions.

Dear men, to start exercising, you don’t need to go to a gym – you can do it at home. It may seem confusing at the beginning to start the exercise without an instructor. Begin with short sessions of easy-to-do New Year fitness exercises.

Holiday Fitness Exercises

1. Pilates

Pilates is among the New Year fitness exercises for those who want to define cores and increase their flexibility. It’s a move that can be modified to fit any fitness level and designed to condition your body and improve balance.

There are two different types of Pilates workout – the one that uses studio equipment and the other one that you can perform pretty much anywhere on a soft surface or mat.

Pilates workout

This exercise is appropriate for all levels. This body New Year fitness exercise is done on a mat without any additional equipment. All you need is some space and comfortable exercise clothes to go through a full range of motion with every move.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups are practical physical activities for strengthening the arm and chest muscles. Push-ups may be the perfect exercise to build both upper body and core strength.

When done correctly, you’ll be able to work the muscles in the shoulders, triceps, chest, abs, back, and legs.

This New Year fitness exercise has various modifications; therefore, beginners can start with the easier versions and work up to the standard push-ups while finding a challenging variation if they are advanced.

There are various health benefits of exercise associated with this form of activity, such as bodyweight exercise sessions or strength and circuit training workouts.

To do them, you need to get down on the ground, set your hands shoulder-width apart. Make sure that your whole body forms a straight line. Start to lower your body, keeping elbows close to your body. Lastly, you can push back to start a high plank position.

3. Stair Climbing

Climbing stairs up and down can be the most effective New Year workout for men, even if you don’t have a set of stairs available.

You can build your simple workout by getting the biggest book, place it in front of your TV, and then step up and down while enjoying your favorite show.

You might not work up a sweat as you would with a jump rope, but you can keep your body active and healthy by performing this simple workout.

Stair Climbing

4. Couch potato

Everyone knows the health benefits of exercise, food, and fitness for both the mind and the body, so why do so many people stay rooted to the couch? Simply put, getting motivated to exercise isn’t an easy task.

This New Year fitness exercise is a workout that you can do from the comfort of your couch. You can squeeze it in during the commercial breaks of a TV show or when you would otherwise be vegging out.

A significant example of a couch potato exercise is sitting and standing. To do this New Year workout for men, you repeatedly stand up from your coach and then sit back down again.

This form of couch potato exercise helps you build your butt and thigh muscles and significantly get your heart rate up depending on how quickly you sit and stand.

Besides, you can do triceps dips. To do this, ensure that you scooch forward on the couch such that your butt is barely in contact with the edge.

Then put your hands on the edge of the couch and push yourself up from the edge. Lastly, lower your body down toward the floor and then lift again using your arms. Repeat the procedure several times.

5. Plank

If you don’t have much time but you want to build your core, this body fitness exercise is ideal. This workout is a deceptively simple-looking New Year workout for men that can perform wonders for their core and upper body strength.

Besides, it is a physical activity with numerous variations based on specific goals and current physical strength.

To achieve this, get into a push-up position; instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, ensure that you hold the position with both arms extended.

Begin holding this position for about 30 seconds and add 10 seconds more every day. Check how long you can go.

This is one of the most challenging New Year workouts for men, but it’s one of the best for your core. For beginners, they can try applying with their knees bent and on the floor rather than their legs straight.

Some will find it easier to bend at the elbows and rest the forearms flat on the floor instead of doing it with arms straight and hands on the floor.

To work on your various core areas, you can try a side plank. Be sure to learn on your side with your feet stacked on top of each other.

Using one arm to support your body, push yourself off of the floor. Ensure that you keep your body in a straight line and your front-facing out.

To get reliable results, you will need to put your hips elevated and not sink to the floor. Hold this pose for as long as you can, and then switch to the opposite side.


6. Dance on the barre

While the barre-based exercises began in the 1970s, it wasn’t until the last few years that they skyrocketed in popularity, and with a good reason.

This workout’s ballet-inspired moves combine elements of Pilates, yoga, and weight training sessions to strengthen muscles.

Though the moves typically use your body weight and the barre, you can be surprised to see how challenging classes can be. No barre sessions in your locale? You can try a 15-minutes barre workout in your home.

7. Hit the rock wall

This is simply an indoor rock climbing wall. This non-traditional cardio exercise hits the mark for people who want to work out their mental strength too.

Studies have shown that scaling indoor walls typically increases leg power and handgrip strength. This exercise also makes you more efficient at doing pull-ups, vertical jumps, and push-ups.

8. Water bottle weights

For those wanting to exploit the health benefits of exercise, food, and fitness in a quick fashion, this exercise can work wonders. Those looking to do some shoulder, arm, and back strength training can make their way by filling up water bottles.

If you see water bottles becoming too easy, you can opt to use milk jugs. You can tell this workout to your level by filling the containers. For significant challenges, ensure that you increase the amount of water each time you exercise.

9. Squats and lunges

Squats and lunges
Scores and lunges are examples of New Year workouts that are ideal for weight loss, building body muscle, and overall body fitness. They are straightforward and it won’t take long for you to become a pro.

This form of New Year workout for men has a significant impact on building the whole body’s muscle, especially the buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, or the center of the body.

Additionally, this body fitness exercise improves overall fitness, increases joint movement, and burns stubborn fat. These benefits explain why this exercise found its spot on the top list of New Year workouts.

10. Yoga

Yoga workouts put both your body and mind through exercise, and it is one of the body fitness activities you can include in your New Year workouts.

Many researchers suggest that yoga reduces fatigue[1], anxiety, and stress and improves overall body strength and flexibility through various poses.

Yoga is an ideal indoor fitness training activity for cardio-intense activities such as running. Besides, there are styles to suit anyone, from the novice to the experienced Yogi.

As you can see, the above-discussed types of New Year workout for men will allow you to do them anywhere, anytime because you don’t need any equipment.

People can’t fit in time to go to the gym, walk on the treadmill, and lift weights because it’s the busiest time of the year. But, you can beat this bulge with these New Year workouts.


The New Year celebration is a busy holiday. It is a time to gather with family and friends and be merry.

But amid all the events, you may be enticed to care less about your health and wellbeing. Nonetheless, the health benefits of exercise, food, and fitness should be your top priority even during the holidays.

You have every reason to practice the New Year workouts for men we’ve highlighted in this writing.