NewerSize XL

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Overview Of NewerSize XL

The product that will be discussed in this review is a penis growth and enlargement supplement. The producers of NewerSize XL claim that the product is an herbal supplement designed to make the male external sex organ grow longer. Millions of men face sexual issues because of a small penis size, and NewerSize XL boasts of being able to solve this problem.

While preparing to write this product review, we looked at several NewerSize XL reviews written by users and researched the details and ingredients to know if it is as effective as it claims. You can read further to learn all there is about NewerSize XL.

NewerSize XL

NewerSize XL Review – Health Website Images

How Does NewerSize XL Work?

NewerSize XL works based on the list of formulated ingredients that was said to be made by a doctor. Its manufacturers claim that the ingredients are carefully selected after several studies and test trials. The supplement is from natural ingredients that will not harm the body.

These ingredients are said to benefit a man’s sexual health and increase the length and width of the penis. Soon, we shall examine some of the ingredients in detail. For now, consumers should note that the NewerSize XL is a male enhancement supplement that focuses mainly on penis enlargement.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of NewerSize XL?

NewerSize XL is made by a company named Lyfe Center Nutrition Supplement. The company is one that solely produces sexual enhancement supplements for both males and females. They also manufacture products for weight loss. The headquarters of Lyfe Center is in Indianapolis, and you can reach out to them via mail.

What Are The Ingredients In NewerSize XL?

NewerSize XL producers claim that a medical practitioner and specialist formulated the product. The ingredients the product contains are natural and specific to the product. Here are some of what we came up with during our research:

Indian Spider Plant – This is a common plant grown in the United States. This plant is said to have several medicinal benefits. However, throughout our research, we did not find penis enlargement to be one of the benefits of this ingredient.
Hygrophila – This ingredient is gotten from sea snails[1] and is said to improve the strength, flexibility, and agility of the penis and the skin surrounding it.
Catuaba – This is known to have several health benefits[2], dealing a lot with cognition. It reduces stress, depression, and anxiety and boosts libido.
Indian Ginseng – This is a nootropic in nature and can help to elevate general mood and mental ability.

What Is The Science Behind NewerSize XL?

Although most of the ingredients in the NewerSize XL have some health benefits, we were able to find little evidence during our research to bolster the manufacturers’ claims.

Some of the ingredients do not benefit the growth of the penis and even general sexual health. The only health benefit that relates is that some of these ingredients can stimulate sexual arousal, but they do not affect the growth of the penis.

What Are The Benefits Of NewerSize XL?

  • It may increase sex drive.
  • It is made from natural ingredients.
  • It might help you to boost your sexual confidence.
  • It may have some cognitive benefits due to some of its ingredients.

What Are The Drawbacks Of NewerSize XL?

  • The ingredients lack modern medical testing.
  • Some of the ingredients are not beneficial to men.
  • There is little evidence to back the claim that it increases the size of the penis.
  • The effect, in the long run, is still unknown.
  • There is no free trial policy.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

During our research for this report, we realize that consumers often ask the following questions online in regard to NewerSize XL.

The ingredients used in NewerSize XL are mainly natural, and there has been no formal complaint lodged, but it is still essential that you consult your doctor before using it.

The price of NewerSize XL is in the same range as other penis enlargement supplements. It is available on Lyf Center website for $48.00.

There is no free trial; however, the brand offers a 7-day refund policy.

The supplement is in capsule form and should be taken orally like any other medication.

You can compare reviews of similar products like Legendz XL and LongJax MHT on our website.

There has been no record of side effects as of this writing.

You can learn more about the NewerSize XL on the Life Center website.

What Are Consumers Saying About NewerSize XL?

Consumers’ reviews on NewerSize XL vary as some claim to love the product and find it effective. Yet there were several negative NewerSize XL reviews by users who claim that the product had no effect. However, there is not yet any independent review about this product on trusted review sites like TrustPilot and