When most people hear the word diet, their first thought is a restricted calorie or carbohydrate, way to lose body fat.

For years all the magazines would focus on these types of miracle short fad diets that didn’t work.

When in fact the word diet comes from the Greek language (diaita) and means A way of life, not a short-term fix.

These days as our planet is heating and we can see the destruction before our very eyes, it’s important for us humans to look at different ways of not only eating but finding sustainable solutions to our agriculture and changing our food supplies.

It’s not a new thing to be vegan or vegetarian in fact it actually dates back to early man to modern-day as we see in some cultures plant-based is their staple diet.

Now that we have established, how you eat, is actually your diet, we can begin to talk about the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Studies now show that the health benefits for people who consume an all plant-based diet out way those, who consume an omnivore diet.

Consuming animal products puts a strain on our organs making them work harder, it’s not usually something someone would think of if they were born into an omnivore diet, however, if they were to stop eating the animal products, they would see how the feeling of being bloated, heavy after eating, nose bleeds, nauseous and for some, headaches, would actually completely go away.

Being plant-based does not only mean eating vegetables, there are still the other food groups of legumes, seeds, grains, bread, cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

These days there are other items available such as fake meats, cheese, creams, and plant-based milk. The availability of food is endless and from a nutritional point of view, we can consume a well-balanced plant-based diet.

Well-balanced plant-based diet

The health benefits associated with a plant-based diet include:

  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes and better kidney function
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lower levels of bad cholesterol
  • Improved gut health
  • Reduced risk of cognitive impairment and dementia
  • Reduced carbon footprints

This is just a few of the many health benefits, associated with eating a plant-based diet, and every day we are seeing better and better results. This can be tracked through science-based data, readily available online, talking to a health professional, and consulting your doctor.

Lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, from a plant-based diet has been a proven and known remedy for many years, due to the reduction of inflammation and absorption of plant-based nutrients, through the bloodstream and into the organs, making for better kidney function.

Heart disease is one of the top killers in western society, due to a diet high in animal fat and animal products. The average person still consumes at least 3 to 4 animal products weekly if not daily.

Animal fat sticks to the walls of our arteries and clogs them, causing Atherosclerosis which leads to heart disease. Adhering to a plant-based diet will help lower your risk of cholesterol which is the starting point.

Improved gut health is almost immediate with a change in diet. The reduction in inflammation of the intestines and stomach lining allows for better absorption and easier digestion.

When our bodies are feeling bad more than likely it starts in the stomach, bad eating, smoking, drinking, and stress all wreak havoc on gut health.

Plant-based diet

Recent studies have shown, a significant change in cognitive impairment and dementia patients, who have changed their diets to plant-based.

The studies show that due to an increase in fiber and a higher absorption rate of nutrients, from the foods consumed, patients have been able to concentrate and move more freely with their bodies.

A plant-based diet will also reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. Eating vegetables and all foods from the earth leads to fewer animals being bred and slaughtered.

Statistically, there are more than 21 billion livestock (chickens, cows & pigs) on the planet, that is nearly triple the human population.

It is unsustainable for many reasons including land clearing, methane emissions and waste management, inhumane animal practices and the proven scientific data that clearly links animal products to many diseases in humans.


Finally, there is proven statistical data that all points to the overwhelming benefits of a plant-based diet. Immediate results can be seen with weight loss, clearer skin, better moods, brain function and sleep patterns, if we exclude the science.

The truth is plant-based eating not only will reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes to name a few, it could virtually save your life and the life of the planets too!!