The Christmas season is around the corner, and you know very well that you’re going to gain a few extra pounds, thanks to the indulgence in festive food. Yet, if you chalk out a workout plan in advance, you can enjoy a guilt-free holiday and savor the yummy food on the table.

Check out these top 10 post Christmas fitness workouts:

  • Stretches
  • Toning workout plan
  • A time-efficient workout plan involving quick exercises
  • Flat Tummy exercise plan to reduce the bloated stomach
  • Running, for those who like something simple
  • Mix and match exercise plan
  • Yoga, if you’re looking for both mind and body peace
  • Intense workout plan
  • Hula Hoop
  • Skipping Rope
“OMG, there is just too much to do.”

“ I have to go to office parties, friends have called me, and there is a family gathering.”

“House has to be cleaned, the tree put out and decorated, meals planned.”

“Shopping, gifts, going out, getting ready every time – it just takes so much energy.”

“I barely have time to sleep, how can I fit exercise into my day?”

“I do love the holidays, but there is so much to eat and drink, and I know I am going to over-indulge.”

“I will go in for the post-Christmas workout plan.”

Sounds familiar? After all, you look forward to the Christmas holidays, meeting family and friends, and binging on your favorite Christmas dishes the whole season. As a matter of fact, it is close to the holidays, and you know there is nothing you can do about your diet and exercise schedule. There is simply no time to go to the gym, walk, or even do exercises at home.

Holiday excuses are not uncommon. You will invariably put on some weight during this time. While you may control your diet to some extent, alcohol is another thing to look out for – alcohol causes bloating and weight gain. You won’t even realize how many more calories you have with another glass.

Holiday feasts can break your fitness goals. That is why, if you have a post-Christmas workout plan figured out, you will assuage your guilt feelings while indulging, not exercising, and also get your fitness levels back sooner.

Knowing that you have a plan in place is half the battle won. Of course, it is important that you must not waste time, but start your holiday workout sooner rather than later. Procrastinating is not going to get you anywhere.

Christmas workout plan

10 Post-Christmas Workout Plans

1. Warm-Up Stretches

Warm-up stretches before any routine are imperative. This will help prevent muscle tension and soreness that may keep you from continuing your holiday workout.

Regular warm-up stretches will involve your arms and hands, legs and feet, neck, shoulders, and joints. If you start from the top, you can stretch each part of your body.

Do each at least 10 times. You can spend 6-7 minutes doing warm-up stretches before you start your workout. Also, do at least 5 minutes of cool-down exercises after you complete your routine.

2. Time-Efficient Post-Christmas Workout

Working your whole body without spending too much time will not make it less profitable. When you exercise, your metabolism increases, your body uses more energy, and fat tissues start burning. This routine will help with cardio fitness.

  • Two (2) sets of rocket jumps, 15-20 repetitions
  • Two (2) sets of squats, with 15-20 reps
  • Two (2) sets of burpees, with 15-20 reps
  • Two (2) sets of tap back, with 15-20 reps

After each set, do stretches or on-the-spot jogging briefly to help with recovery.

3. Post-Christmas Toning Workout

If you feel your body has become flabby, you can tone it with this post-holiday workout routine.

  • Two (2) sets of 12-15 pushups – either full or 3/4ths
  • Two (2) sets of 12-15 shoulder presses with the use of a resistance band
  • Two (2) sets of shoulder presses with a lunge on each side, 10-12 reps on each side with a resistance band
  • Two (2) sets of bicep curls, 12-15 reps, using a resistance band
  • Two (2) sets of lateral raise, 12-15 reps, with a band
  • Two (2) sets of 15-20 squats
  • Two (1) set of 15-20 lunges with each leg
  • Two (2) sets of 15-20 stomach crunches
  • Two (2) sets of 15-20 back raises

These exercises will help tone the entire body and work all the muscles.

Post-Christmas Toning Workout

4. Holiday Belly Bloat Workout

Excessive food and carbonated drinks can make you feel bloated and fat. No one wants a muffin top, so work your tummy muscles and get rid of the bloat.

  • 12 stomach crunches, slowly and feeling the stretch with each crunch
  • 12 oblique crunches
  • 8-10 planks
  • 8-10 side planks
  • 10-12 bicycle crunches

While these exercises focus on your abdomen, they also work your shoulders, neck muscles, back, arms, and legs, making this plan a great holiday workout.

5. Running in Place

When you are bored of exercise and don’t want to do crunches, pushups, and pull-ups, consider running in place.

If you have some extra time, you can, of course, go for a 5 mile- or 10 mile-run outdoors, but if you feel that requires too much effort, just run in place. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a treadmill at home and don’t want to go to the gym, either.

You don’t need space for this, and all you need are a pair of running shoes. If you want to get more exercise, and you have some space, run backward as well. This works different muscles and does not put stress on your knees either.

6. Mix and Match Post-Christmas Fitness Workout

Sometimes, it helps when you mix and match your routines. It keeps you from getting bored, and you might even surprise yourself and do more than you set out to do. When you mix and match different sets, you also work out several muscle groups, so you benefit in any case. Do the following:

  • 20 pushups
  • 10 lunges
  • 10 squats
  • 15 tricep dips
  • 10 calf raises
  • 5 planks

On some days, you can do all or do as many of each as you feel comfortable doing and mixing up your routine.

7. Whole Body Yoga Exercise

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you may want to do this instead of conventional exercises. It can help work out your whole body. Yoga is a great post-Christmas workout plan to consider. It is slow and requires focus while doing it.

The Surya Namaskar Yoga exercises the whole body. Do each of the two variations 5 times, so you need to do this set only 10 times to exercise every part of your body.

Whole Body Yoga Exercise

8. Intense Post-Christmas Workout Plan

If you don’t want to ease yourself slowly into a post-holiday workout, or you feel you are not getting results, you can do more. Here is a more intense routine:

  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 15 pushups
  • 30 reverse lunges, 15 on each side
  • Using any raised surface like a chair or bench, do 15 dips
  • 15 squats
  • 5 planks

You don’t need a lot of space; all you need is a discipline to do these routines.

9. Hula Hoop Holiday Exercise Routine

If you have ever used the Hula Hoop, you know that it is fun. As an adult, can you manage it? Try it out. Using the Hula Hoop gives you cardiovascular benefits and burns even more calories than using a treadmill.

Apart from conventional Hula Hooping, you can add a variety to your routine by changing the direction of the rotating Hula Hoop.

You can also get a weighted Hula Hoop for a more intense workout. You can also hold light weights in your hands to up the challenge – once you get used to the conventional rotations.

10. The Enjoyable Skipping Rope Workout

Skipping Rope Workout
If you ever skipped rope in your childhood, you know that it is a fun exercise but not easy to do when you are an adult. And apart from conventional jumping using a skipping rope, there are more variations available now that exercise the whole body.

  • 2 minutes of basic rope jumping
  • 1 minute of alternate foot jumping
  • 1 minute of boxer step
  • 1 minute of alternate mommy kicks
  • 1 minute of criss-cross
  • 1 minute of backward jumping

You can do your own skipping rope exercises as you go along. Many of them work your upper body and arms as well.

Final Advice

If you have a post-Christmas workout plan, you’ll find a good reason to go through with it – nothing can stop you from getting back the body you had before the holidays.

In addition to this, if you do keep an eye on what you are eating and drinking, you will need a little less work after Christmas, though it will require time and discipline.

But if you are already following a fitness plan, you can revert to it; whether it means going to the gym, jog, or indulge in regular sporting and physical fitness activities. Once you have a post-Christmas workout plan in place, carrying it out will be a lot easier for you.