A Brief Introduction To Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is defined as a condition that causes a man to ejaculate, or climax, during sexual intercourse sooner than is normal or as is desired by the man’s sexual partner.

It is a condition that has existed seemingly forever yet is shockingly obscure since so many men fail to talk about it. But the fact is that experts predict that premature ejaculation is extremely common.

They estimate that 1 in every 3 men will experience symptoms of premature ejaculation (P.E.) at some point in their lives.

We mention this only because it is important for men to speak with their doctors about this problem as opposed to simply sweeping it under the rug and hoping it goes away. It is a sensitive subject that many men are reluctant to talk about, but it is also something that happens to most men, so it shouldn’t be taboo. On the contrary, it is very important to treat premature ejaculation before it does real damage to your life.

The Basics Of Premature Ejaculation

The first thing that men should know is that just because you have a problem of climaxing too soon every once in a great while, doesn’t necessarily mean you suffer from premature ejaculation. P.E. can happen in isolated incidents for many reasons and happening a few times here and there doesn’t necessarily mean you have a medical condition.

The second thing that all men should know is that, yes, premature ejaculation can be a medical condition. If you are experiencing an inability to delay ejaculation all or nearly all of the time that you have sex, you may have a medical condition.

If you cannot delay ejaculation past a minute of intercourse, P.E. may be a medical condition for you. If it is causing you to avoid sexual interaction altogether, you should seek treatment.

That leads us to our last and perhaps the basic fact about premature ejaculation: it most certainly is a treatable condition. Just because you have been diagnosed with P.E. does not mean you have to simply live with it.

What Can Lead To Premature Ejaculation?

There are both physical and psychological premature ejaculation causes. Unfortunately, like other sexual health conditions that can befall men, there are many reasons why P.E. can occur. Here are the most common causes of P.E.:

  • Serotonin Levels – Although the connection between serotonin and premature ejaculation is still a bit unclear, it has been noted in study after study that men with low serotonin levels tend to experience symptoms of PE more frequently than men with high serotonin levels.
  • Erectile Dysfunction – When men are worried about being able to maintain an erection throughout intercourse, they may rush or force ejaculation.
  • Hormones – An imbalance of hormones in men can also lead to PE or PE-like symptoms.
  • Inflammation – Inflammation of the urethra or infections in the prostate are also physical causes of PE.
  • Anxiety – Unusual amounts of anxiety and/or stress have also been known to cause PE – especially when a man is anxious about his sexual performance.
  • Abuse – A history of sexual abuse is a psychological cause that can manifest itself as PE.
  • Low Confidence – Having low self-esteem or a poor body image has also been known to be a psychological cause of PE.

PE Causes

Common Symptoms Of Premature Ejaculation

The symptoms of PE range from the physical to the psychological – just like the causes. Here are some of the most common symptoms of premature ejaculation:

  • The Minute Rule – The main symptom of PE is an inability to delay ejaculation for more than a minute after penetration. Men with frequent or infrequent symptoms of premature ejaculation find it hard to maintain rigidity for more than a minute before they climax during sex.
  • Ejaculation with Little or no Sexual Stimulation – In some cases, it may not even take actual sexual intercourse for a sufferer of PE to ejaculate. Ejaculation can occur with the slightest sexual stimulation to the penis and, in extreme cases, simply when a man thinks about sex.
  • Poor Self-Image – This is certainly one of the symptoms that are purely psychological but are nonetheless serious. After frequent experiences with PE, a man may begin to lose confidence in his abilities and develop a poor self-image that can bleed into other areas of his life.
  • Loss of Sexual Interest – Sometimes, men lose interest in sex altogether when they battle frequently with PE. This can be caused by embarrassment because they feel they cannot perform well enough in bed, or it could also be because PE has made sex an unsatisfying experience for them.
  • Depression – Last but not least, one of the most severe psychological premature ejaculation symptoms is depression. Sexual intercourse helps to relieve a lot of stress and tension, so when a man is avoiding sex or isn’t taking much pleasure in it, the condition could spiral into depression.

How To Treat Premature Ejaculation?

Again, it is important to remember that you can treat premature ejaculation symptoms successfully. Many effective treatments are practiced every day by medical and psychology professionals, so no matter what is the cause of your PE conditions, there is certainly hope.

In some cases, treating premature ejaculation symptoms may be as simple as talking about the problem with a medical professional. Many men keep this problem pent up inside of them, which increases the anxiety that can make PE worse.

But simply talking about premature ejaculation symptoms may be hugely beneficial. Other times, the treatment is more involved or long-term. In any case, here are some of the ways one can treat premature ejaculation:

  • Numbing Agents – Although you have to be very careful with any cream or spray that claims it can numb your penis and delay ejaculation, some men have used this type of treatment successfully.
  • Medical Treatments – It should be noted that there is no specific medication that has been developed for premature ejaculation symptoms. But many men who are on antidepressants have reported that their PE severity is lowered when on such medication.

    Experts believe that this is due to the ability of many antidepressants to increase serotonin levels.

  • Psychological Assistance – PE is often due to anxiety surrounding sexual intercourse. In these cases, talking to a trained psychiatrist may be beneficial.
  • Behavioral Therapy – Many physical techniques can help build up ejaculation tolerance in men and lessen the premature ejaculation symptoms. Behavioral therapy techniques can be taught and practiced with your partner to physically acclimate your penis to the sensation of ejaculation so that you can better control it.
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  • Adjusting Sexual Perceptions – This is one of the more difficult things to do but can be a very effective premature ejaculation treatment.

    A lot of men simply have a skewed idea of sex, which causes them to be too anxious about it and therefore, under-perform. But when you adjust your idea of what sex should be to a healthy view, many of the symptoms may start to disappear.

    You can do this by talking at length with your partner about their expectations of sex, your thoughts and your worries about it. You can also talk to a sexual therapist to help adjust your attitude towards sexual intercourse.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many methods of premature ejaculation treatment, including behavioral and psychological therapy.

The main premature ejaculation causes include erectile dysfunction, inflammation of the urethra, or prostate and anxiety about sexual intercourse.

There is no single answer. It can vary widely based on some factors. 5-7 minutes seems to be the average, but the range varies widely in most cases. Some men may only last a couple of minutes while others report being able to perform for well over half an hour.

Having a healthy attitude towards sex is one of the best ways. Premature ejaculation treatment is also a viable option. In some cases, you may want to ask your general practitioner about creams and sprays that he or she recommends.

If you do want to use a product to help numb your penis and delay ejaculation, you must make sure that the product you use comes from a reputable manufacturer. You should also use a condom or wash the cream/spray off your penis before vaginal penetration to be safe.

Again, this varies greatly. But the consensus is that 1-2 minutes is too short for a woman to achieve orgasm. Some women surveyed on the subject noted that anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes was ideal for them.

Still, others said that they prefer a man to last 10 to 13 minutes. It’s important to talk to your partner about sexual expectations, which will also help relieve some of the tension you may feel about intercourse.

premature ejaculation causes

Last Thoughts On Premature Ejaculation

It is important to know which premature ejaculation causes pertain to you specifically. Because that is the only way you can properly treat it. Pay close attention to what may be causing you to climax too quickly.

Is the problem mental? Are the premature ejaculation causes you are experiencing seemingly physical? Ask yourself these questions before you seek treatment or attempt to solve the problem on your own.

In most cases, it is wise to talk to your doctor about premature ejaculation treatment. They will be able to help you figure out whether your problem is medical or psychological. They will also be able to refer you to a specialist if needed.

In any case, you need to talk to someone about it because premature ejaculation treatment is the only way to prevent the problem from becoming more serious. Being open about it can help you.

According to experts, avoiding it can lead to clinical cases of erectile dysfunction and dangerous levels of stress. Chronic stress can also lead to other problems.

The fact is that no matter what premature ejaculation causes you are facing; it doesn’t just affect your sexual life. It can also affect your work, your relationship with your partner, and your entire outlook on life.

Sexuality is important for both men and women, which is why it is so important to pinpoint your specific premature ejaculation causes so that you can properly address the issue. After all, an unfulfilling sex life can be an indicator of other physical and psychological conditions.

As always, it is important to do your best to maintain a generally healthy lifestyle as a premature ejaculation treatment as well. Getting plenty of exercise helps keep nitric oxide in your blood and helps you burn off excess stress.

Eating a healthy diet will also provide your body with the nutrients it needs to assist sexual organs and functions. Avoiding tobacco and alcohol can lower feelings of anxiety, which are a leading cause of premature ejaculation.