Overview Of Prime Male

Several claims go along with the product, which is the subject of today’s review, called Prime Male. Other Prime Male reviews have painted a somewhat confusing picture of this supplement. The claims are all over the place.

From being able to help tighten the skin to not working at all. So we wanted to get to the bottom of it. But first, the basics. Prime Male is an over-the-counter male enhancement supplement that promises higher levels of testosterone for middle-aged men.

Higher testosterone may provide many benefits for men. But can Prime Male increase testosterone production? This is the question we will attempt to ask in the following review.

Prime Male

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How Does Prime Male Work?

The primary function of this product is to increase natural testosterone production. If it does do this, then Prime Male may work in several ways. First of all, it could increase the user’s libido. It may also lead to increased energy and physical endurance.

If the user works out regularly, they may improve their physique while taking Prime Male. The website even claims that it can strengthen the user’s bones and improve cardiovascular health.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Prime Male?

It would appear that Prime Male is produced by a company called Roar Ambitions Ltd, which is located in Leeds, England. At least, this is the company that the official Prime Male site is registered to. It also appears that Prime Male is the only male enhancement product that this company makes.

What Are The Ingredients In Prime Male?

Prime Male consists of a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals as well as some herbal extracts. We must say that some of the ingredients in the Prime Male formula are pretty uncommon.

There are some interesting components to this product, and we have provided a breakdown of the most important ones below:

D-Aspartic Acid – D-aspartic acid is touted as an effective testosterone booster. But a study whose findings were published in 2017 showed that d-aspartic acid supplementation did not improve testosterone levels[1] in test subjects.
Zinc – Zinc may be able to provide prostate support. This is mainly because zinc is the most abundant mineral found in the prostate, so it is thought to be important for healthy prostate function.
Vitamin B6 – B Vitamins are precursors to many enzymes that are important to many bodily functions. These substances help to stimulate brain signals to the male reproductive system.
Boron – Boron is considered a testosterone booster. It can help increase arousal and libido apart from helping build stronger bones. This mineral can also help boost cognitive thinking skills.
Asian Red Ginseng – Asian red ginseng may help improve sexual drive and infertility[2]. A study that included 46 men showed that Asian red ginseng improves sexual function, but more testing is needed to clarify the link between Asian red ginseng and male sexual health.

What Is The Science Behind Prime Male?

It seems that some of the periphery claims of Prime Male have been substantiated by some research. Prime Male may supplement weight loss efforts and improve bone strength.

However, the primary claim of this product has not been supported by scientific research. In most cases, d-aspartic acid will not increase testosterone levels in men.

What Are The Benefits Of Prime Male?

  • Taking this supplement early may help men avoid some symptoms of osteoarthritis as they get older.
  • It is also possible that Prime Male will improve metabolic health in users.
  • Prime Male may be useful in proliferating many of the essential enzymes that are important to male health.
  • There are some ingredients in Prime Male that may work to boost libido.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Prime Male?

  • The claims that it can boost testosterone are, as of yet, unfounded.
  • The capsules contain gelatin, which may make them unsuitable for vegans.
  • There are also holistic ingredients that have not been proven by science.
  • You need to take 4 capsules a day.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online regarding Prime Male.

Prime Male appears to be safe for most healthy male users. But if you are on prescription medications, talk to your doctor first before you try this supplement.

Prime Male is priced the same as typical male enhancement supplements of this kind.

The instructions indicate that the user should take one capsule of Prime Male 4 times a day.

There is no free trial but the refund policy states that you can return unopened packages within 7 days of receiving your supply of Prime Male.

Prime Male does have some unique ingredients you aren’t likely to find in other supplements, but also a few common ones like zinc and fenugreek.

There do not appear to be any side effects to report from this product. However, you should check the ingredients list before you buy it.

If you want a supplement to provide bone and weight loss support, Prime Male may be helpful.

What Are Consumers Saying About Prime Male?

Consumer response has been mixed. Some Prime Male reviews rave about the product while others lambaste it for not working as advertised.