The Science of Empowerment is the game-changer for the way we can begin to understand energetic frequencies and the power of positive choice. We as a society and a global community, are kept far away from the knowledge that is rightfully ours.

There are too many negative aggressors in play, truly wanting the accumulation of human beings to stay underdeveloped. Very few individuals, especially those in power positions, want self-thinking individuals expressing powerful, self-actualized knowledge.

I am here to present the question to humanity; what would it look like if you discovered you are actual power in motion? That all potentiality is in place simply awaiting its creation.

What if you arrived to the knowing that your mind was slated at birth, all knowledge was erased, and the purpose of this human experience, was to activate your journey forward into your unique recognition of your greatness? What then, would you do with your time?

For the mass population, and for many reasons, we do not take the time to consider that we might be equipped with a deeper intelligence system. A system that is in place for when support is needed to adjust to the energetic shifts, that lead towards accelerated growth.

What would you accomplish if you knew, that hidden inside the matrix of your thoughts, was a built in power tool for advancement, what then, would you create as the architect, redesigning your life?

Redesigning your life

Blinded to the opportunities of accelerated growth, we settle into the subconscious acceptance of all outside messaging. We then mimic behavioral traits that trickle down, which forces us into positions that block our personal advancement.

This is how we become a mass of negative and non-productive energy, not only speaking in terms of individuality but as a collective whole. We stay connected to feelings and thoughts that do not serve our present and future achievements.

When one individual stays in negative patterning, that energy keeps all others in a negative atmosphere. We continue to follow the beat and rhythm of what it is that surrounds us, opposed to creating spaces of time and reflection in order to observe what it is that we are genuinely experiencing.

We need to differentiate between where we are due to outside placement and where we can go based on our own personal willingness.

Great consideration

Once we can master the skill of silent observation, we will begin to think about our preferred determination with great consideration.

Between the space of what has materialized within the construct of illusion and the acceptance as to what it is that is truly authentic, here is where the initiation to our destiny is acknowledged. Engage in the process of what it is that you think about and ask yourself, “Which direction do my internal thoughts take me?”

Look closely at this, for if we do become what we place our attention on, then maybe for the first time within your newfound awareness, you will begin to think differently for yourself.

Activate alignment with your sensibilities, taking directive from this new knowledge that all positive thoughts can represent a seed of great intention. With specified intention and a planned-out thought, followed by a definite purpose, this modern mindset will bring you a successful outcome.

Mindset Concept

The mind is limitless in all its potentiality; anything can be manifested from one thought to completion. There is absolutely nothing in this universe that can stop positive creativity except the individual who doubts the power of said thought.

This is how negative patterns wire incorrectly, as the patterns are based off of doubt, fear, and emotionality rather than thought informed by evidence, based on unbiassed intelligence.

Negative patterns debilitate our personal advancement, whereas positive experiences allow us to feel good with no negative alliance to any mind/brain patterning.

If you can grasp the understanding that we are made up of moveable elements of energy, and that you have the power to choose the format of how that energy is projected, you can then harness empowerment.

Quantum fields of energy are either positive, or negative. There are nuances to the experiences within the construct of each energy. The power here, is that you align with the mastery of movement while your exploring the variations of real-time existence.

You are a creational element within this universe, powerful and on purpose. Regardless of your present state of mind and surroundings, find the profound awakening to your progression.

We are energetic beings, filled with life force, powerful creative energy with the ability to design this lifetime as we can imagine it to be. It is the mind/brain matrix, and the limitation of all thought that we sense we are not born for higher experiences.

And yet, that is precisely why we are here, to evolve. Allow me this granting to ask of you, to suspend the doubt and release the messaging system in place and begin the journey into the exploration of who you have settled to be and reframe that acceptance; as to who you now, can become.

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