The sexual drive and stamina for seniors may not be as robust as it was during their youthful years. But, men continue enjoying sex even in their old age. Studies associating sex and seniors show sex continues even beyond 80 years. Elderly sex has many health and psychological benefits.

Testosterone levels decline with increasing age which affects sexual libido and brings many other sex-related issues. The issues include failure to erect quickly, reduced ejaculate, slow ejaculation, and shorter orgasms. Seniors may take longer to get an erection, especially after they ejaculate.

Senior women also have sex issues like vaginal dryness due to less lubrication and failure to get stimulated or aroused. Still, their vaginas may become less elastic and thinner, making penetration painful.

Some after age 60 may have incontinence and loss of any sex interest or excitement. Nevertheless, as a senior, you only need to adjust to your body changes, let your partner understand you, and never feel inadequate to manage most senior sex problems.

Can You Enjoy Senior Sex If You Have Health Problems?

Sex and seniors

Research shows that sex and seniors‘ health are mostly related. You can’t get sexually aroused if your health isn’t under control. If you suffer from chronic diseases, like arthritis, diabetes, and the heart, sex performance may decline since the medications for such diseases interfere with sex drive.

Some seniors take antihistamines, antidepressants[1], antacids, antidiuretics, and pain relievers. Many seniors may suffer from ailments that affect their sexual activity. Some disorders are painful and leave them very weak to engage in sex.

Still, some diseases lead to worries that interfere with elderly sex. E.g., if you are worried about a heart attack or arthritis pain, thinking about sex becomes torture, and you will never long for it.

Always inform your doctor or sex therapist of such problems when seeking help. This way, you get maximum advice on living a better intimate life.

Emotional Issues That Affect Senior Sex

Growing older is good. But, old age comes with responsibilities that cause health, financial, and emotional problems. Depression, anxiety, stress, plus many emotional disturbances affect sex[2].

Though you can get emotional issues at any age, they are more common in senior citizens and may affect their sex life. However, seniors without health concerns enjoy better sex. They have fewer emotional worries when children grow up and move on successfully.

For those with unstable dependents and health and financial problems, emotional stress sets in and removes any taste in their sex life.

If you experience emotional disturbance, see your doctor or sex therapist. You may go for counseling sessions, especially if mental and emotion health become too challenging.

Top Senior Sex Tips

Senior Sex Tips
You may not enjoy rigorous sex as you did during your youth. Here, we discuss some senior sex tips you may try for better sex life.

1. Discuss sexual issues with your spouse

Honest talk in relationships helps relieve underlying problems and issues. Communication is key to improving intimacy and senior sex fulfillment. With communication comes sharing intimate secrets, needs, likes, concerns, problems, sexual jokes, and no-go zones in every aspect of your life.

Unfortunately, about 40% of seniors never discuss sexual issues, and they live a deprived life with little or no enjoyable sexual activity. So, communicate more for better sex life.

2. Lubricants may help you

Sometimes, senior women may experience vaginal dryness, leading to painful sex. In such cases, you may use lubricants[3] to allow penetration and prevent pain during sex. Sex lubricants reduce anxiety and stress associated with painful sex.

Also, lubricants facilitate enjoyable and pleasurable sex since penetration is smooth, and there is no fear of pain during senior sex. You may want to read credible lube reviews or consult a sex therapist or gynecologist to choose the best lubricant for you and avoid health issues in your sexual organs.

3. Redefine your idea of sex

Expecting frequent sexual intercourse and achieving orgasm may sometimes be difficult for senior people. Experts advise that you can experience orgasms through erotic activities, even with sex without penetration. Indeed, men can get stimulated and enjoy sex[4] even when suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Women with a dry vagina may also enjoy sex without penetration through erotic touches and stimulation. Seniors also need to lower expectations for sex to get more fulfillment. Don’t expect a mutual orgasm every time or another immediate erection after ejaculation. Lower the demands, and you’ll get satisfied, despite your senior sex problems.

4. Visit your doctor

Senior sex problems
Since sexual health is necessary for overall health and better relationships, you can consult a doctor if you get into senior sex problems. Your doctor may prescribe medication for dryness, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and cure for many problems in your sexual organs.

Choose a doctor you are comfortable with and who will genuinely understand any sexual health problems you may have. Medication and counseling may lead to an enjoyable, stress-free sex life for you as seniors.

5. Get sex therapy

Mental and personal problems may be interfering with your sex life. You may be suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and other life challenges. So, consult a sex therapist[5] to agree on any problems that eventually block your sex performance.

Talking with a therapist may help overcome erectile dysfunction and painful sex. Depending on the problem, you can do individual or couples therapy with a professional to overcome senior sex problems.

6. Vary your sex routine

You can make sex more exciting and memorable by serving it differently. For instance, you can engage in sexual intercourse at different times on different days. You can do it anywhere at home or away from home.

To avoid boredom, be creative, do anything but break the routine. Make senior sex unpredictable and full of surprises. Vary the sex positions[6], rooms, and prepare your partner from the morning. Touch them discreetly, use sexy words, wear suggestive clothing, and use wild ways to spice it all.

7. Increase sexual activity frequency

Increase sexual activity
Many people associate lovemaking with penetration. However, you should see lovemaking as a process that involves erotic arousal and intimate actions that may end with sexual intercourse.

Seniors need to engage in activities that give them erotic pleasure for better sexual health even when their sexual moods are down. Such erotic acts may include self-stimulation, constant flirting, kissing, sex talk, sensual touches, and massage. These actions lead you to senior sex more often, which has many health benefits.

8. Do frequent exercise

Frequent exercise helps tone your muscles and boosts your energy for other physical and mental activities. Moreover, you gain self-esteem, and it’s good for the heart. Exercise keeps chronic diseases away or helps manage them for better health. Studies show that frequent exercise is good for your sexual health. Regular workouts allow you to explore different sexual positions with ease.

9. Improve your diet

One of the best senior sex tips is to take a healthy diet if you want a blissful sustained sex life. Balanced nutrition is key to an overall healthy life.

Incorporate vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, and fruits into your diet. And you can do a little research on natural aphrodisiac foods[7] that boost sexual drive. Foods that promote heart health are a must, like those low in cholesterol, sugars, salt, and unhealthy fats. Choose foods and fruits rich in fiber, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Moreover, stop or reduce alcohol intake and avoid smoking and drug abuse.


As an aged person, you can make your sex life as enjoyable as ever, even amid declining sexual urges and physical and emotional issues. Follow the senior sex tips outlined here.

Manage diseases like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and injuries through medical consultation.

Deal with emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, and mental imbalances through counseling and sex therapy.

To further improve your senior sex life, do regular workouts, improve your diet, see a sex therapist, and vary your routine.

Broaden your idea of sexual fulfillment, use lubricants, raise sex frequency, and discuss any burning or disturbing issues to make elderly sex even more blissful. That way, you will not only boost your sex life, but you’ll also enjoy better overall health as you reduce your senior sex problems.