11 ideas that might have them panting for more

Valentine’ Day is here and its great time to spice up the thing a bit.You can make Valentine special by rekindling your love with the same fervor and passion.

During coronavirus times, there is no need to leave your home to have romance and Valentine’s Day sex. There are many tempting, delicious, and creative ways to spice up sex life.

We’ve got 11 ideas that you might have to plan and purchase beforehand, but they will be worth the waiting for. Let’s take a peek. Some of them make a superb Valentine’s Day gift whilst others are full of action!

1. The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through his Stomach with Sexy Fortune Cookie Messages (Printing out the messages might be a whole lot easier)

Cookie Messages


  • ¾-cup white sugar
  • 3 egg whites
  • ½-cup butter melted and cooled butter
  • ¼- teaspoon vanilla extract and ¼-teaspoon almond extract
  • 1-cup flour
  • 2-tablespoons water


  • Separate the eggs, placing yolks in a bowl and whites in a separate bowl
  • Add the sugar to the egg whites, whisking up.
  • Next add the melted butter and mix up well
  • Then add the almond and vanilla extracts and mix again
  • Add the water and mix.
  • Lastly, add the flour and mix well
  • Heat a non-stick griddle or frying pan. Should be on low to medium heat, to warm up.
  • Drop a couple of tablespoons of your mixed batter onto the pan, QUICKLY spreading it to make a flat pancake that is about 3-inches across. Let it cook for about a minute.
  • Take a spatula and flip the ‘pancake’ to the other side to get cooked. They should be golden in color when done. (Remember to cook long enough so they are golden on the edge and crispy like they look in the restaurants)
  • Allow them to cool down, but still while warm, add the fortune message to the center of the cooking and fold it over with the message inside.
  • Bend them a bit in half again so they look like “fortune cookies” and let them harden. A wonderful Valentine’s Day gift to remember!

2. Go for a romantic drive

Turn up the heat and get a little adventurous by taking a drive out to a nice scenic place where the two of you can be alone together, McCance suggests.

Turn off the music, discuss your romantic fantasies and really focus on one another, and don’t be afraid to take the opportunity to get a little intimate, McCance adds.

3. Enjoy Good vibrations

This C-shaped vibe will fit into the vagina whilst enjoying penetrative sex. It will stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. With its sexy purple color, couples can have heaps of fun with, made with body-safe materials and 10 different vibration modes for what tickles your fancy! Take your pick[2] of what will boost your sex life.

4. Lace Up Your Sex Life

Lace Up Your Sex Life
To spice up sex life is for some all about sexual hanky panky and your partner will be looking for things that turn him or her on in a big way. Underthings are very enticing and alluring when it comes to Valentine’s Day sex, and these underthings in the form of lacy thongs with a rose might just do it – full of cheek and promise! Buy it for yourself or send it as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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5. Bonds are Fun – different ways to spice up sex life

You can always try out this bit of classy bondage fun – a sure way to spice up your sex life. Silky restraints in sexy burgundy colors, including eye masks and feather ticklers, all set the mood for romance. You will just have to add your imagination to your story with the sexy ties, and let it end where it takes you!

6. Buying a sexy item for each other is a stunning idea as a Valentine’s Day Gift

Everyone will have a different idea of what will spice up your romantic life. So here is a fabulous way to show your love that you know him or her, and you have bought the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that you are going to open together later; maybe something that you can both use.

7. Play a sexy game of Truth or Dare

You can either buy a very appealing and sexy game of Truth or Dare or if you are very creative, you can make your questions and suggestions, coming up with your prompts.
This will get the two of your talking, laughing, touching, and having great fun in each other’s company – all with a naughty twist to enhance Valentine Day’s sex – it will make things very interesting.

8. Lick and suck the chocolate off

Chocolate off
Chocolate, roses, candles make quite sensual things; and each one will make a welcome Valentine’s Day gift. There is never an excuse needed to eat something as delectable as chocolate. Sweet, dark, rich, or white, it’s creamy and delicious and aphrodisiacal, no matter in which way it comes.

Pour some melted and cooled or warm chocolate over all the sexy parts of your body and let your lover lick it up while you dip your fingers in it and suck it all up – you’re in for an erotic evening.

Sushi, or grapes, whipped cream, honey – just keep all these delectable clear of your inner private areas! The idea is to spice up sex life[3] in private and not the private parts!

9. Sexting one another all day might spice up Valentine more than a card!

If you know your partner loves receiving messages for you and has the time on Valentine’s Day to be bombarded, this might just set the tone for a very romantic Valentine’s Day night that will keep them ‘itching’ to get home do all those things you have been promising to do all day.

Super-hot sexts build up the exciting, irresistible tension for what will come later! Spice up sex life activities will already be starting at the office or wherever you are!


10. Bringing your partner to the edge with edging

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not – but edging[4] is also known as orgasm control. It is when you delay your partner’s orgasm repeatedly.

You bring them to the edge of the orgasm, but then allow their intensity to decrease, starting with the same action from the beginning again.

This usually makes the orgasm more intense, with longer-lasting Valentine’s Day sex; great for a passionate night of romance!

11. Build Intimacy With Couple Exercises

Spending quality time together is essential for an emotionally fulfilling relationship. Intimacy exercises are a great way to create emotional bonding. A study shows that joint participation in exciting physical activities improves relationship quality.

Exercise improves mental health. When you work out together, you both feel relaxed and happy as exercise pumps up feel-good hormones – endorphins. Motivating each other to do better and reach fitness goals creates positive emotional bonding.


Boxes of chocolate, romantic wine, delectable portions of food to savor, roses, soft music; are guarantees if you want to spice up sex life ideas. But, even Valentine, you may think of treating your partner and bringing in the X-rated element – calling for hot, hot, Valentine’s Day sex.

Regular sex with a partner can be great, but often it can get really easy to hit a stride, staying with the stuff we like, and sticking to it. But with Valentine’s Day, you get a chance to plan, turn it into something unforgettable! Actually “Having planned sex allows you to mindfully plan a night of uninterrupted connection,” says Rena McDaniel, clinical sexologist[5].

And how often do we allow such a gift to come our way? Not enough. We’ve given you 11 sexy ideas and fabulous ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift that will make your next Valentine’s Day something worth planning for, right?