In Part I of this 3-part series on masculine ecstasy and orgasm, I provided several definitions of orgasm, and made a clear distinction between ejaculation and orgasm. In Part II, I delved deeper into what exactly masculine ecstasy and orgasm is in terms of physiological and psychoemotional experience. I recommend you re-read Parts I and II to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

In this third and final part of the series, I am going to return to the eight different kinds of male ecstasy I briefly described in Part I, and a couple more as practiced in Homoerotic Tantra:Mascul-IN-Touch℠ and Mascul-IN-Timacy℠, including:

Practiced in Homoerotic Tantra:Mascul-IN-Touch℠ & Mascul-IN-Timacy℠
Ejaculatory The commonest male experience in which ejaculation and ecstasy occur together.
Anal stimulation There is an extraordinary density of nerve endings in the perianal region; stimulation is capable of producing a state of ecstasy.
Prostate Ecstasy The well-known P-spot can be stimulated both externally or internally to produce a powerful ecstatic experience.
Anal + Penis Combo A very intense ecstatic state is produced when both the anus and the penis receive skilled stimulation at the same time.
Blended prostate-penis This is when both penile and prostate ecstasies occur simultaneously.
Injaculatory This is called non-ejaculatory ecstasy. The penis is manually, orally, or otherwise stimulated to the point of ecstasy but with semen retention.
Non-ejaculatory This is a dry-type ecstatic experience in which there is no ejaculation.
Heartgasm This is tantamount to true yogic tāntric ecstasy. An explosion of love and joy in the chest (anāhata, अनाहत) that spreads in waves, ripples, shivers.
Brain Orgasm A.k.a. “brain tingles” or “head orgasm”
Whole Body Neurophysical ecstasy is felt only in the physical body, generally in the genitals but true chakric ecstasy can involve all of the energy centers.
Blended Ecstasy The male body is endowed with many highly sensitive erogenous zones, which, when skillfully stimulated, can produce a psychophysiological and spiritual ecstasy experienced in what we know as orgasm.

Ejaculatory Ecstasy

1. Ejaculatory Ecstasy: I do not intend to spend more than a sentence on ecstasy occurring with ejaculation, since I have discussed that subject at length in Parts I and II.

2. Perianal Stimulation: There is an extraordinary density of nerve endings around the anus, and stimulation of this so-called perianal region. Skillful stimulation of the area orally, digitally, or with a toy can bring a man over the top, to a state of ecstasy similar to that experienced in orgasm.

3. Prostate Stimulation: The well-known P-spot, Sacred Spot, or the kanda (कन्द) can be stimulated both externally and internally to produce powerful pleasure sensations, and a very special type of ecstasy. The so-called prostate orgasm is a distinct experience of ecstasy, more powerful than and different in character from ejaculatory ecstasy.

4. Anal + Penis Stimulation: This produces a very intense ecstatic state when skillfully practiced. Most men cannot focus on more than one thing at a time, so I generally recommend that he not ‘focus’ but simply float with the incredible experience.

5. Blended Penis-Prostate: As I mentioned above, the ecstasy experienced through penis stimulation is different from that of prostate stimulation. Put the two together and the result can be overwhelming when the two forms melt into each other. Again, don’t focus; just float.

6. Injaculatory Ecstasy: Think of this as the ejaculatory ecstasy but without the ejaculate. The penis is stimulated manually, orally, anally, or otherwise to the point of ejaculation and ecstasy but the semen is retained using one of our blocking techniques.

7. Non-ejaculatory Ecstasy: This is sometimes called a “dry orgasm.” You experience the ecstasy but without ejaculation of semen but you are not practicing a blocking technique.


8. Heartgasm: Although the name is a modern invention, this is probably the closest thing to a true chakric ecstasy or bliss experience. You experience an explosion of bliss, joy in the chest, the area of the anāhata (अनाहत) cakra, which spreads in waves, ripples, shivers, etc. Don’t be disappointed that I don’t say more about it; words fail.

9. Brain Ecstasy: This experience can be described as a pleasurable, euphoric, tingling or warmth, accompanied by a sense of relaxation. It’s experienced mainly in the spine, neck, and head. This phenomenon is called a ‘brain orgasm’ because it originates in the brain areas associated with focus, the sense of hearing, emotions, and movement; in other words, it is characterized by sensory and psychoemotional features. Brain orgasm is erotic but not sexual. Sensory stimulation and emotional intimacy are involved in evoking this ecstasy. Brain-O can occur simultaneously with any other ecstasy state.

10. Whole-body ecstasy: Similar if not identical to the ‘heartgasm,’ the neurophysical effects are felt only in the physical body, generally in the genitals, mūlādhāra (मलाधारू) and svādhiṣṭhāna (स्वाधधष्ठान), but unlike ‘heartgasm’ or true ‘chakric ecstasy,’ the psychospiritual component may be weak or absent all together.

11. Blended Ecstasy: In addition to the ecstatic erotic energies of mūlādhāra (मलाधारू) and svādhiṣṭhāna (स्वाधधष्ठान); that is, the anogenital regions, both internal and external, the male body is endowed with many highly sensitive erogensous zones, which, when skillfully stimulated, can produce a psychopshysiological and spiritual state akin to the ecstasy experienced in what we call orgasm. The neck, lips, ears, armpits, nipples, inner thighs, feet all can be stimulated to produce a state of erotic trance or ecstasy.

I ventured into this territory intending only to provide a capsule of knowledge about a very complicated subject; by doing that I ran the risk of oversimplifying and misleading some. I’d like to impress upon you that what I have discussed in these three articles is highly complicated and requires skill and practice, training and study. You have to work on and for it. Make no mistake about that.

So, in summing up this series, I want to leave you with a couple of caveats, cautions, if you will.

First: YES. You should try this at home. But be aware that the fullest benefit and authentic ecstatic experience requires commitment and practice. Furthermore, the complex experience of ecstasy requires you to be able to relax, breath, let go. It requires good health, good diet. And it requires the guidance of a competent mentor and teacher. Sure, you can have a go at it alone but what’s the sense of that? You’re missing the bus to paradise.

masculine ecstasy and orgasm

Second, you must leave the subject of masculine ecstasy and orgasm with the knowledge that orgasm is a neurophysiological phenomenon; ecstasy is a psychospiritual experience. The mistake that most men make is to make orgasm the goal; it’s not. Ecstasy is a portal to transcendence; that is the goal.

Third, in Homoerotic Tantra ℠ you learn to separate the transient from the permanent, the real from the unreal, the gems from the junk. In other words, it is my hope that you will come away with a new and healthy outlook on who and what you are, and what your positive strivings and goals might be.

Fourth, Homoerotic Tantra ℠ and Tantra (तन्त्र) in general, is about relationship and union on three levels: with your Self, with Creation, and with the Absolute or god, if you prefer. When we engage with the Tāntric Lover, he becomes an avatāra (अवतार), an embodiment of the Divine; he becomes what we call in homoerotic yogic tantra the iṣṭadeva (इष्टदवे) or the divine Beloved. At the beginning of every ritual, every engagement with the Tāntric Lover, we perform the Namaskāra (नमस्कार), we bow to the Divine in our partner.

Fifth, and very important, Homoerotic Tantra:Mascul-IN-Touch℠ and Mascul-IN-Timacy℠ and the associated practices and rituals, unlike most mainstream faith and belief traditions, teaches that the body and the senses can be portals to the spiritual; a man’s body is truly a temple, within which are to be found all the gods and all the blessings, and treasures promised to bring eternal life and bliss. Those New Age, sacred sex, and neotantric movements that emphasize sexuality and orgasm as pleasure have no place in our authentic practices. As I will explain in upcoming articles on positive psychospirituality and happiness, those movements fail miserably, because they promise only transient, physical pleasure. Nothing more. If you are faithful to the tāntric teachings, you will transcend such animal urges and attain not only pleasure but authentic engagement and meaning.

Do you want to be happy? Of course, you do; everyone does. In my next series of articles I will discuss how focus, stressor management, positive psychospirituality, and homoerotic yogic practices can open the gates to true happiness. Join me!