Overview of Vialift XL

Vialift XL may be the solution you have been looking for if you have been feeling fatigued, lacking in sexual energy, and just not feeling quite right in general. It targets the root cause of these symptoms in men – the drop off in testosterone production. There are several Vialift XL reviews available to read, but in our review, we will detail the ingredients, efficacy, and consumer questions you may have about this product.

Vialift XL

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How Does Vialift XL Work?

Vialift XL is touted as a natural male booster. We can assume that it may increase a man’s interest in sexual activity and enhance his performance in bed. It is also possible that Vialift XL acts as a general energy booster. The exact claims of this product are a bit vague but unofficial sources state that it may improve libido, stamina, promote harder, longer-lasting erections, and enhance feelings of intimacy.

What Are The Ingredients In Vialift XL?

A total of 1,489 milligrams of the ingredients in Vialift XL are contained in its proprietary blend. The good thing about this product’s formulation (at least at first glance) is that all of the ingredients are naturally sourced. Here are the active ingredients:

Epimedium – It is a herbal supplement, more commonly known as horny goat weed. While Eastern medicinal practices laud epimedium as a cure for sexual dysfunction[1], there is no conclusive scientific research to back this claim up.
Saw Palmetto – There have been many high-quality scientific studies conducted on saw palmetto extract and its purported effects on the prostate, but none of them has proven that it is beneficial for the male sexual organ [2].
Wild Yam Root – It has been shown to have a mild effect on female hormone profiles. It contains diosgenin [3] which acts in many ways like the hormone estrogen.
Nettle Root Extract – Stinging nettle root is commonly used today to treat enlarged prostate and the symptoms that go along with it. However, it should be noted that these benefits have not been scientifically substantiated.

The Science Behind Vialift XL

There is a decent amount of ingredients in the proprietary blend of Vialift XL that may elevate testosterone levels and increase muscle strength. However, almost all of them need more scientific research. While most of the ingredients are believed to treat some form of male sexual and physical decline, none of these beliefs have been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt – at least, not in a clinical sense.

What Are the Benefits of Vialift XL?

  • This product may increase sexual arousal.
  • You may experience more physical energy when taking this product.
  • All of the ingredients in the proprietary blend of Vialift XL are natural.
  • There are 16mg of calcium in Vialift XL which is beneficial for the bones.

What Are the Drawbacks of Vialift XL?

  • Most of the ingredients in Vialift XL need more clinical testing.
  • Epimedium may be dangerous if you have heart disease.
  • Epimedium may also result in rashes for users with sensitive skin.
  • This product may result in erections that last for an unhealthy length of time.

FAQs: Consumers Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Vialift XL.

The user may experience some skin irritation and/or kidney complications.

We do not have official dosage information at this time but we do know that a single serving size is 2 capsules.

There are no ingredients in Vialift XL that would suggest better blood flow.

Previous Vialift XL reviews make no mention of serious health risks and there have been no formal complaints lodged against the makers of this product.

Vialift XL does not appear to have an official manufacturer website where you can buy it. However, it is available on major online retail sites, where it typically sells for $42.99.

There is no evidence to suggest that taking Vialift XL will result in headaches.

Yes, Vialift XL is available at online retail sites.

What Are Consumers Saying About Vialift XL?

Although there has been a number of professional reviews done on this product, customer feedback is limited at this time. There are not enough customer reviews available online. On major online retailers, Vialift XL reviews hold a solid 4-star rating.