Christmas is that time of the year when we all come together to eat, drink, and enjoy the company of friends. It is the best time to show love for family and friends. For some couples, this may be an opportunity to explore some Christmas sex ideas.

During the holidays, most couples find ample time to chill out away from the busy work schedule. This period is ideal for couples to learn one or two things that can bring them close to each other, like the best Christmas sex ideas.

Besides, it allows couples to honor their family traditions and, most importantly, create time to talk to each other, prioritize their relationship, and live away from a busy work routine. It is also that time of the year to buy your loved one sexy Christmas gifts to renew your love.

Since it’s a holiday close to New Year’s Eve, couples can use this prime time to set their end-year goals and resolutions.

In this article, we’ll look at some amazing ways to spice up your intimate relationship with your partner and make the most out of it. Read on find out some top ways to sex up Christmas and create memories.

Christmas sex ideas

1. The Naughty List

While your kids are in the living room watching Nickelodeon or Tom and Jerry, you can spice up your sex life in the bedroom. Lock yourself up in the bedroom and have some foreplay as you wait for the long night. You can try some unique Christmas sex positions, just for a quick one.

Snuggle up and unwind your memories with some extensive foreplay. Foreplay is one of the underrated sexy Christmas gifts you can give your partner.

You can come up with a list of items you both want to try for this holiday. Prepare a list of things, including Christmas sex positions, put them in a jar, and pick at least one item to try every day.

2. Play With Themed Lingerie

As a lady in the house, you want to make your partner happy and more thrilled to take you down for a ride when the lights go off with some great Christmas sex tips. Spice up the romance in the room by shopping for some Christmas themed lingerie to gain some confidence.

When wearing some cool lingerie, your goal is to make your better-half feel appreciated when you present them with some sexy Christmas gifts.

Make your partner feel in the mood. You can whisper some words into his ears to turn him on and make him ready and eager for the night in waiting.

3. Watch A Movie In Bed

While breakfast in bed is one of the most romantic ways to spice up your sex life, there are other activities you should also try. Watch your favorite Christmas sex movie with your spouse as you curl up in bed.

One of the top ways to sex up Christmas is to bring over your best champagne and hot chocolate to make this moment worth it. As you watch a movie in bed, you get the time to talk to your partner while enjoying some of the romantic scenes in the movie.

Watch A Movie In Bed

4. Unwrap Yourself

Here is one of the best Christmas sex tips you can try. Send your hubby to shop for some stuff for the Christmas preparation. While he’s out on the errand, get naked. When he’s back from the shop, you don’t explain why you’re naked or allow him to touch you until you finish what you’re doing.

This sounds a bit crazy if you have kids around, right? Well, it may only apply if you’re just two in the house. As your partner is watching you naked, he’ll probably be thinking of the top ways to sex up Christmas and get you down when you finally submit to him.

5. Rock Him On The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree you just bought is not only for decorating your living room. It is also a sex tool for this Christmas. Yes, you heard me right. When he knocks on the door, you can surprise him with some romance. It’s one of the great Christmas sex ideas you can pool over this holiday.

Drag your partner to the Christmas tree, give him a deep kiss, and have sex just underneath the tree.

You can choose your favorite Christmas sex positions like missionary and cowgirl, and enjoy the moment close to the Christmas tree. It feels more like having sex in the wilderness. You won’t forget this moment again in your entire life.

6. Kill The Stress With Some Massage

Some Massage
If your partner feels a little bit tired and squeezed, you can relieve the stress with some quick massage.

Shop for a quality scented massage oil and create some time to massage your spouse. Often a quick Christmas sex follows after a cool message, which makes this moment count for both of you.

Make the massage special for this Christmas Eve; do it like never before. If you feel like you’re not the best at massage, you can watch some tutorials online and surprise your partner with some moves.

It is such an amazing experience having Christmas sex when relieved and stress-free.

7. Bring Out The Christmas Feeling

Yes, it’s the holidays, and your partner should feel it all the way. Fill your bathtub with some cinnamon-scented oil, a floating candle, and have some fluffy towels around.

Scrub her back and serve her a glass of cold wine as you play some low music in the background. It sounds like one great Christmas sex ideas you don’t want to miss this holiday.

Escort her to the bedroom that you’ve tidied up with some fresh and scented bedding. Ensure the candles are lit to bring out the romantic mood.

Give her some cool massage, and if you must, don’t forget to roll her over with some Christmas sex positions. Just ensure she makes the first move. Don’t make her feel like this was a trap to set her up for sex.

8. Take A Walk In Town

Take A Walk In Town
Another awesome trick you can try with your partner is walking around in town. Take him/her for a walk late in the evening as you talk of some Christmas sex tips you’ve never explored. Walk along the busy streets as you stare at the Christmas lights that color the city.

This is a cheap Christmas tradition you can practice as a couple. You can as well take a drive in the city, spot someplace with Christmas lights, and stare.

The short trip relieves anxiety as you wait for the long night. Also, this is one of the best Christmas sex tips that you should take note.

9. Sing Carols Together

Everyone has a voice, and Christmas is the time to let it out. There is something unique about singing, and you can find it out when you join your spouse to sing some Christmas carols in the living room or somewhere along the pavement.

It’s not exactly all about Christmas sex positions; you can just chill out with some nice carols to feel happy.

Every family has a holiday tradition, and you can make this one of your own. It looks a bit old-fashioned but still worth it if you want to spice up your Christmas day.

10. Open Some Sexy Christmas Gifts Together

Opening sexy Christmas gifts with your partner is one of the most exciting things you can do on Boxing Day. You’ve bought some special Christmas gifts, right?

Why don’t you save some to open on the eve of Christmas and feel the excitement it brings? Opening your gifts together on Christmas day makes them look special. It is one of the top ways to sex up Christmas.

You can lock up yourself in the bedroom and get some privacy away from the kids. If one of the gift boxes contains her lingerie, it may be quite embarrassing to open it close to your kids.

So, why don’t you make the gift opening a moment just for the two of you? This is probably one of the best Christmas sex ideas you can try.

Final Advice

Christmas is perhaps the ideal time to give and receive. There is a lot of stuff you can offer your partner, like amazing Christmas sex.

It’s not easy to level up your Christmas day as a couple if you don’t have some amazing Christmas ideas. This article should change your perspective on this holiday if only you practice the tips we’ve shared here.

It’s important to remember that Christmas sex can be made more exciting. If you and your partner are looking forward to having great sex life this holiday, you should think of some better ways to relieve yourself and create an atmosphere for romance.

These ten top ways to sex up Christmas should help you make your Christmas count. Stay close to your partner and make your family comfortable this season.

It could be one moment to revive and spice up your relationship and start on a new page the next year.