Who had Cellulite?

Pesky trouble zones marked by cellulite on the body are not the same dimples you want to see when smiling. Nearly 85% of women over age 21 have cellulite. A far few number of men have this. Cellulite is typically associated with areas on the female body including the thighs, butt, hips, and even on the arms, belly, and back.

There is an entire market of anti-cellulite and getting rid of cellulite products. This is a challenging issue for women, because the appearance of cellulite can decrease confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of attractiveness. Whether a vanity or superficial concept does not really matter.

If we women do not like what we see, there’s a persistent need to make it go away. Even though this problem is below the surface of the skin, it seems to be staring at you in the mirror.

What is Cellulite?

Fatty tissue is the culprit of having cellulite. The main area is on the thighs because they contain high amounts of fatty tissue. Developing these dimples can be the result of ageing, weight gain, loss of collagen, poor circulation, thinning skin, poor lymphatic drainage, family history, or estrogen levels.

Cellulite in and of itself is not a health risk, rather, it is part of your appearance that can be a risk to your self-esteem. Talk to a dermatologist or your doctor to see what the best course of action is for you.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Cellulite Problem

As a trainer, my answer to get rid of or reduce cellulite would be to exercise and improve dietary habits. Weight loss may be the key to this for you.

There are several great exercises to help. These include regular squats, jump squats, step ups, different variations of leg kicks, and by using the multitude of leg machines available at the gym.

Incorporate these moves in a regular exercise routine and add aerobic exercise to burn fat. Interval training is a great way to do this and can be done while cycling, running, swimming, walking, or even dancing.

Home Remedies

There are also other at-home tricks you can try. Massage is a great way to get the lymphatic system moving which can then help stretch out your skin. This is not going to happen after a couple massages and will take time.

Staying hydrated with water is also important to help with this lymphatic system. There are many creams and laser approaches that can be considered as well. Cost and safety are up to you. Taking a supplement with bioactive collagen peptides might also help. Some treatment options work and some do not.

Cryolipolysis aims to freeze the fat. Lasers and liposuction are also available. Cellulaze is actually FDA approved which is when a doctor does this injection to numb the area and use heat to “melt” the fat.

Lifestyle Changes

Kill Cellulite
The bottom line is that most of us do not want cellulite on our bottom. Making lifestyle changes to potentially kill cellulite is really what needs to be done. Having “cottage cheese” on the body is not desirable but can be tolerable.

Do not forget you can wear clothing over it, so having cellulite isn’t the end of the world and you can make it go away with your wardrobe. What takes place under the wardrobe is based on personal preference.

No matter what, it is your body and your reflection so do what makes you feel good. There is not a quick fix and gaining cellulite did not happen overnight. Ageing is not fun for the good old appearance, but lifestyle is a major modifiable risk factor for many of life’s not so good aspects.

Check your daily agenda, especially your eating habits, and get those feet moving. Sit less. Stress less.

When It Comes to Change….

  • Nothing changes if nothing changes so take the action geared steps
  • Progress is progress and takes times
  • Living in the moment can have future consequences (indulging)
  • You are worth the change
  • It won’t happen right now but it will
  • Forgive yourself and move on
  • Seek help
  • Be flexible in your approach not the outcome
  • Make your environment conducive to the change
  • Visualize it

Change with Cellulite…in Other Words Killing It!

Change with cellulite

  • If you are sitting too much and having too many sugar and high fat food, start moving and eating better
  • Notice all the improvements, every little bit
  • Going to happy hour, having extra servings, eating too many sweets, it all can catch up with you later
  • Know that you deserve to be happy and healthy inside and out
  • Cellulite doesn’t disappear overnight
  • The past is in the past and let it stay there
  • Hire a personal trainer, see a cosmetologist or dermatologist
  • Give an honest 30 day attempt to your approach and adjust as needed
  • You can’t flourish somewhere that is filled with distraction and temptation
  • See the image in the mirror you want to have and keep

Cellulite is a self-reminder that we are human and the female body can be a challenge to keep happy, based on our own judgment calls. Some say beauty lies within. Some say beauty is only skin deep. Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The truth is that our own eye is the greatest judge of ourselves, and with that in mind, we can be the harshest. I don’t look at a number on a scale. For me, it’s my reflection and yes even as a professional natural bodybuilder I check in the mirror for cellulite.

It’s a girl problem, but the key is that I recognize and do work for the body that I have. I don’t wish for muscles and tone. I work for them and therefore, every layer of me is important to me. Some say beauty is pain, but I say beauty is an art form of self-care.